Producing the First Batch of Workbench Kits [Part 1]

If you missed my previous post on prototyping this process, you can see that here: Quarter Sawn Split Top Roubo Workbench Slabs

As part of the previous experiment, I acquired a small truck load of these logs which I have been storing in a friend’s parking lot.  I brought the new log trailer by and picked up a pair of logs to get started.  Since these were small enough, I could chain them together and load them as a single unit.

The first two cuts establish the top half which can be set aside for now.  There is one bench top sitting perpendicular to the cut faces out in the middle.

The remainder can be rolled over and the next two cuts create the bottom half exactly the same as the top half.  It’s set aside.

That leaves on 6″ thick full width slab which can be sawn into a pair of bench tops.  The live edge is removed and then a second cut is made to release the first top.

A trimming cut is made to remove the pith and the live edge can be removed from the second bench top.

Now on to the second log.  Processing here is the same.  I’ll remove the center cut pair of bench tops and set the top and bottom aside for further processing later.

With those logs cut up and out of the way, I can take a quick trip to pick up another pair of logs.  This was a little more interesting to get loaded since it was a tight fit side by side.

Next I can start processing the 4 halves to extract the bench top from each of them.

These need to be stood up and the first cut will remove the quarter section.

With that flat sawn, the half can be rolled over onto the bed, the saw can be set to 6″, and the cut can be made to complete the bench top.

Sawmill Products I Use

Log Tongs:
60″ Peavey –
78″ Cant Hook –
Hi-Lift Jack:
Hearing Protection:
Endgrain Sealer:
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