Wagner Orion 930 Moisture Meter Giveaway

The Orion 930 Dual Depth Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Kit features the Orion 930 meter, designed for measurement of moisture content from the surface down to .25”(6.4mm) or .75”(19mm) deep inside wood or other material. The Orion 930 Dual Depth moisture meter features the versatility that is needed for flooring, quality control, woodworking, and inspection applications.

Wagner Orion 930 Moisture Meter Giveaway

Home Addition & Renovation

Cabinetry and open seating

Welcome back to our home renovation and remodel.  Today, I am hoping to have the island cabinetry built out, as well as getting the leg

Home Addition & Renovation

White Oak Kitchen Island Leg

Welcome back to the shop! I’m continuing on with the white oak island build. Last time I made the end panels for the cabinetry unit,

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  1. Pretty much anything Matt Cremona demos or recommends is going to be worthwhile having or at the very least paying attention to

  2. Your videos are very helpful and interesting, especially how you make your choice for cutting a log.

  3. I really enjoy your ‘down to earth’ approach to your videos and work. Also, your sawmill is AWESOME!

  4. I’ve been out of saw milling for quite some time no time driving a big rig. getting back into saw milling starting all over from scratch.

  5. When you peeled the encapsulated slab off of the tape, I was really surprised at the color. It might be interesting (on a smaller table) to have a gap in the table top for inserting colored sheets to change the tint of the table?

  6. I’m just starting to get back into woodworking (it’s been 30 plus years) and it would be great to win this meter.

  7. Way better way to check moisture than the old pin-type unit I have been using – thanks for the demo Matt.

  8. Love your videos. I always like to watch your sawmill doing it’s thing. If I was younger I would buy your plans for sure.

  9. Love your content. I would love to have a moisture meter for the slabs I started to mill with my new mill.

  10. Loved your video. Still excited about getting heavily involved into the carpentry world. Thank you for all of your content and hopefully ill get stationed some place close to try and come out your way for a tour.

  11. You folks ahve some fine products. And I am not happy to keep pushing pins into nice wood to determine its moisture level.

  12. I thought the comment was going to the Wagner people. Addressing your youtube channel, the thing I most enjoy is your easy personality — such a nice combination of a relaxed and engaging approach with a huge work ethic.

  13. Looks like a great product. This would be my first moisture meter. It would be a huge help in taking my woodworking to a new level making it easier to account for wood movement.

  14. Thanks for the chance to win a meter. As a life long wood worker and builder I know how important the moisture content can affect the out come of a project.

  15. Thanks for the contest ! I can’t wait to build a saw mill and start milling my own lumber !

  16. Love the content Matt. Wife and I stumbled across your channel after we were gifted the use of a Wood-Mizer a month ago and now we watch your channel together and really appreciate how you do what you do 🙂

  17. Literally just did some small slabbing for the first time. This thing would come in handy when the time comes to use the stock.

  18. I have a cheap moisture meter but i don’t think it is very good. I would love the new wagner 930 as i’ve seen a few guys on you tube and they rate it very highly

  19. I have the same pin style meter Matt showed in this video, its hard to get accurate readings. I would love to move up to a Orion 930 and “ditch the pins” once and for all!

  20. Thanks for all your time and valuable information. Would still like to understand how you determined how much epoxy you needed for that encap project!

  21. I doesn’t known Orian before this video, but it’s seam to be the best moisture meter I ever seen

  22. Since I saw the first video that I have followed for some time, thank you for sharing your knowledge, I like to see when you saw the slabs very beautiful pieces.

  23. I have never owned a moisture meter but enjoyed the review and put it on my list of next purchases. Also am a subscriber of Matthew Cremona weekly updates, where I saw the review of the Wagner-Orion-930 meter. Thank you

  24. I have used other types of moisture meters over the years. I would like to see how Wagner’s compares

  25. began stickering and drying my own wood about 10 months ago. Bought a moisture meter to check the drying progress of my slabs. Compared the reading of my slabs to some wood in the shop, and got varying readings, which I would expect.
    I bought a meter in the $70 range…cannot justify the $350 for an Orion meter.
    But I am glad to have one.
    I really wonder about the accuracy of the different brands however. Is the ORion meter really that much better than the meter I bought?

  26. Just starting out and would find this meter useful. Much like my stud finder, and luckily i found myself.

  27. I’m life long woodworker, but have never used a moister meter. would like to try one.

  28. Matt Cremona was very good at showing the ins and outs of the moisture meter. Very good products.

  29. I always look forward to seeing Matt’s shop updates and the products he using, it helps me make buying decisions for my shop

  30. I have one of your pin type meters, it’s served me well. Would love to own one of you scanning meters that I’ve been admiring for some time. Thanks

  31. I have an old meter im excited to win a new one. I m trying to start a business help young people to love wood working and employ them

  32. Love the color of the epoxy and that moisture meter looks like it does everything but the 10 day forecast. lol

  33. I have a pin type right now and it works OK but have been looking into the pinless type with more

  34. To the truest Wood Whisperer, from tree to slab to Cremona creations, the most amazingly gifted wood worker I have ever encountered, thank you Matt for the opportunity. Have a great day mate, stay cool from way down under

  35. Great article about you in the local paper ! Congratulations on 5 years of hard work, a wonderful family, entertaining us, being a champion of urban wood reuse, supporting the greater woodworking community and being such a great craftsman. “Giggle on”

  36. I got into woodworking so that I would have something to do when I retired, but the the cost of tools and lumber has gone up so high that it is almost impossible to afford my hobby. Thanks to the Wood Talk guys (miss them) for putting out good post and information, so I can make good choices on spending my money.
    PS. Matt, where can I find a sugar momma like yours, so that I don’t have to go back to work to afford my hobby?

  37. First came across your channel when you were starting to make the bandsaw, I love that saw and totally enjoyed watching you make it. Currently in the process of build my new workshop.

  38. Thanks, Matt you make woodworking fun again. Keep up the laughter and the inspiration you provide. Always great content.

  39. Would be great, specially if it is calibrated to Australian Hard wood, mainly eucalyptus.

    1. Great, We rebuilt our house a few years back and had to have a couple of trees felled. A Eucalyptus botryoides and a Eucalyptus grandis. Both slabbed and been drying under the house for almost 9 years now. Going to be dining setting and other projects.

  40. Thanks for chance to win this superb but too expensive (for me) moisture meter… I look on it last week but price stop my passion…

  41. Hi from across the pond. I’ve been binge watching since the Saw Build and now playing catch up for the older content. Looks like you had fun at Crimson!! ATB GC

  42. your you tube channel has inspired me greatly. I have recently bought a woodland 130 mill and one of my first big projects is to mill some 150year old ponderosa pines that ate 4 foot accross the butt. thank you for your inspiration.

  43. Do you still have the Gilligan hat my wife sent you when you were at Marc’s shop a couple of years ago.

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