Wind Bracing and More Purlins

Welcome back to the build, everyone! 

Here is the skeleton frame that we left off with last time. The big objective today is to get the building fully dialed in, and then we have our final bracing that’s going to go in. Probably won’t be a lot of visual changes today, but big changes in the stability of the building. 

First we are checking the truss line and making it straight. We have the end wall here, which we’re going to get nice and straight, then we have some diagonal braces that go up in the truss base out to the corner post, which we will install to lock it in. 

First wind brace in! And after I get the rest of the bracing in, we can take the chains off the building and get back to the purlins. 

More purlins. 

The diagonal bracing prevents us from using the lift, so we had to use the bucket of the telehandler for this bay. 

Now we’re going to go around the corner here and start working on getting this wall all finalized and set up. The wind is preventing us from checking the post walls with a string line, so we are going to do some piddly stuff with the end wall instead. 

We are chaining up the building again. We are definitely going to get rain, possibly thunderstorms tonight, so we are making sure this is really braced in and hopefully it’ll weather the storm tonight. 

Last thing real quick, I figured I’d answer a question I’ve been seeing a bit about the plans, and the kit, and share a little bit more about that. This building kit is from Menards. We went with that because it was the easiest and the fastest. They had really good lead times, I think it was only a four-week lead time in the whole kit. We were really crunched on time because winter is coming soon. So we needed the materials here, so we could start this building and get it wrapped up and ready to use before winter. Plus, the sooner I get this up, the sooner I stop paying for the space I’m leasing. Donavan also has an existing relationship with Menards, which was another benefit of going with them. 

You can pick out and design whatever style of building you want, whatever size you want, and they can generate a kit, a lumber kit, a materials kit, and a set of plants that go with it. We are modifying this plan a little bit. I hadn’t made a whole lot of final decisions when we bought the kit back in July, but the things that I wasn’t sure on don’t really matter a whole lot. So for instance, this door is a standard 10×10 in the plan. It’s quite a bit bigger and quite a bit taller in the actual build. Not a big deal for us to change that, we just have to make sure we just change the location of the footings. But this is the general plan view of the layout of the building. This is from the first version, when the building was only 63 feet long. I added another bay after we placed the order for this. 

Here’s the roof framing plan, which shows you where all of the trusses should go, where all the bracing should go, and all of that. 

You also get a general exterior view of the building. 

You get some of your detail pieces as well, so here’s a cross section. Another change that we made is that the floor is going to be thicker. 

This is the steel layout. We have a two-section steel set up here. This top section allows us to come back and remove this later, and add a lean too without having to recut the steel. 

And then lastly, you have a layout for the steel that’s going to go up on the roof.

Thank you as always for joining, we really appreciate it. Again, please feel free to leave us a comment. As always, we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. And until next time, happy woodworking!

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