Sheathing the Sunroom

Welcome back to our home addition/renovation project. 

Last time, we got a lot of the wall framing complete. Today, we have a little laundry list of things we’re going to knock out of the way as we finish things up. 

We have this two by twelve, which is going to go up on the wall on top of the window next to the old addition. It will allow us to span the area between the new outside wall and the existing wall. We also have an LVL to go up on two of the walls, and I have hangers to finish nailing as well. 

Then we are going to start working on this corner and getting this last little tiny wall framed in. We will be removing a lot of the trim and exterior on this area of the house so we can tie in a new wall. Lots of fun little things! 

Donavan is currently getting these boards ready to be installed.

And now we are getting it installed. 

Next up, getting the LVLs installed.

Our plan for today was to sheath, but it is so windy. Instead, Donavan is going to start working on framing out the door, which is going to go in here. While he does that, I’m going to hop up on the east wall and start setting all these hangers.

Now Donavan is getting the corner ready for the tie-in and removing some of the existing siding.

And then getting the wall tied in and framed.

Here’s our custom rim made from scraps. We’ll cap off the end to connect the little wall to the existing wall, and that takes care of all of the structural stuff. We still have the door frame out, but not too bad. 

Happy Saturday everybody! We decided to spend Saturday out here because it’s going to be in the 60s today. Sixty degree weather in November in Minnesota is not very common, and we wanted to take advantage of that. 

Today we are going to be doing some sheathing. We’re starting with the walls, so we have some 10 footers which we will take two inches off of.

After trimming those to size, we can start installing them.

Making a lot of headway with the sheathing. 

That is essentially going to be it for the progress on this part of the addition. Right now we are basically going to tuck it to take a nap over the winter. Donavan has ripped some two by sixes into long wedges, and that’s going to give us our roof slope. We’re not putting on the roof right now because the membrane we’re going to use for the roof requires a higher curing temperature than we have right now. So that’ll be a spring project, along with the windows. 

So for now we are putting those two by sixes down, put plywood on top of that, then some plastic and then a tarp. That’ll be our waterproofing for the roof for the whole winter.

This is a nice little area! It will be a nice spot to hang out.

On Monday we’ll wrap things up by putting some plastic and tarps down. Otherwise, we are finished with this part of the addition until springtime! 

That is going to do it for the back addition for now. Took us 21 working days to get to this point, and that’s what the exterior will look like for the next 4-5 months!

Thank you as always for watching, I greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions or comments about the home addition/remodel, please feel free to leave me or Donavan a question or comment. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Until next time, happy woodworking.

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