Finishing the Subfloor and Adding the Pantry

Happy Friday, everybody. Hopefully today we get something done, because this has not been a productive week. We got lots of things done, but nothing finished.

The first thing we’re actually able to work on and hopefully accomplish today is finishing up the sub floor, finally. 

Now we’re onto this side of the floor, where that staircase used to be. There is still a joist that’s missing that we still have to fill in. I think we’re just going to cut a new piece of subfloor and make this all one piece to make it a little cleaner. 

This is a big moment: we have a continuous floor. It’s even, straight, not rotten. Pretty exciting.

Next we’re going to start on some framing. Looking at the plans, we’re going to start getting this little wall, faux beam thing installed, which will be the front of the pantry. 

So we’ll do a little bit of layout work and get that wall set. And then we’re basically just filling it in. 

Next we will work on finishing the floating beam as we continue to frame the pantry.

We are finally making some progress. The space is starting to transform from a giant blank slate into rooms. We can start to see the breakfast nook area laid out and the pantry is taking shape now. The pantry feels bigger than I expected it to, which is nice.  

So on Monday, we have a little bit more work to do over on the other side of the wall. We have to put the header in now that the electricians have moved everything for us. They will be back Monday as well to wrap up a couple of things. Then we can put in the steps to the entry for the great room. The structural engineer will be back, so we can take care of that load bearing beam. And that will essentially be all of the framing, at least in this section of the house. 

So that’s going to do it for us this time. Thank you, as always, for watching. We greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions or comments about the home renovation and remodel, please feel free to leave us a comment. As always, we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. And until next time, happy woodworking.

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