Moving a Big Bandsaw – Warehosue Vlog 3

Welcome back to my workshop setup vlog. 

This time we’re starting at a different shop. A viewer named Al got this thing for me. It is a big bandsaw. If you have been following Steve Summers channel, it’s one of the channels I follow for machining, he’s been redoing his shop space. He has a buddy named Al, and I have the same buddy, who’s also named Al. So we’re going to be loading this thing up today and taking it over to the warehouse space. A little bit of backstory on this bandsaw. Al is into auctions, and there was an auction listing that was for a pair of bandsaws. You really only need one. So he said, “Matt, I got this bandsaw for you, and I will keep it here until you have somewhere to put it.” That was two years ago, but now I finally have somewhere to put it. I don’t really have a use for it yet, but at least we can get it out of his space so he has a little more room for other stuff.

It is a 42 inch diameter bandsaw, so it’s got 42 inch wheels on it. An interesting thing with this style is it has the bottom wheel set up to go down into the floor, so the table height isn’t quite as high. The full height of this thing is eight foot ten, top to bottom. 

We’re going to try and get the thing down onto my trailer. Once it’s on there, we’re going to take a very leisurely drive over to the warehouse. 

We made it without anything eventful happening, so now we have to get it into the warehouse.

This is very top heavy, so as this thing is moving, I’ll be strapping it to the forklift because I’m more worried about it falling forward than anything else. A lot of very gradual and slow moves are ahead of me. 

Glad that part is over, the best place for this thing is on the ground. Let’s take a quick look around here. It is a Tannewitz saw, and again, it has 42 inch diameter wheels. The blade goes up on the right and down on the left. 

I can’t see the tag on the motor because it’s covered by that guard. I’ll pull that off at some point and take a look at it, but it looks like a 10 horsepower motor. It’s about the same size physically as the one on my bandsaw mill. For now, the saw will sit here in the warehouse, and it’ll be here for a little while. I would like to clean it up and see how it goes from there. 

While I was getting this saw in here, the next load of chair parts showed up! This is another 150 chairs, so almost all of the pre-orders are here. If you ordered a number three, four, or five, chances are it’s going to be shipping very soon.

In the next vlog, I’m going to get the shipping area prepped for chair kits. I have a bunch of shelving that’s set up for all of the packing materials. I have some some tables to bring in, so we have somewhere to work. Once it’s set up, we’ll start packing those things. 

A big thank you everyone for following along with this and watching this come together. Thank you everybody for all the support, and all of the warm wishes as I build this business. And thank you as always for joining me, I greatly appreciate it. For any questions or comments about the warehouse space, anything back home, anything on the sawmill, or anything back in the shop, please feel free to leave a comment. As always, I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Until next time, happy woodworking!

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