Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – May 29, 2018

Biggest thing this week is I picked up a sugar maple log. It’s about 22″ at the butt and 11′ long. Lots of crotches which should be interesting but it was also tapped over the years so those tap wounds should produce some interesting patterns and colors in the wood.

Viewer Projects

Lift Top Coffee Table by Luke

Lift Top Coffee Table made from Poplar and Walnut.  The drawer pulls are spalted poplar.  I’m not sure what the name of that joint is that I used on the top of the legs, but it sure looks cool!  I realize that some of it might be a little sloppy, but this was my first “from scratch” build.  From design to finish.  The customer said they wanted a square coffee table with contrasting woods, but wanted to keep the cost down.  That’s why I chose poplar.

Cookie Coffee Table with Aluminum Fill by Blaise

Waterfall Table by Bob

It’s made from four quarter black walnut 14″ w x 2′ long x18′ h. The splines and butterfly inlays are made from red oak burl off cuts from the clock I sent pictures previously.  I finished it with one coat of poly and then a finishing wax. To make things easier on these old worn out shoulders I used my orbital sander and about 4 layers of cheese cloth, worked perfectly.

Tea Chest by Alex

It’s a little tea chest from Tasmanian Blackwood, Macrocarpa and Huon Pine. It’s not as complicated as yours, but I was certainly inspired by it.

Log Trailer

Making Ramp Mounts for my Trailer

I wanted aluminum ramps so they’d be lightweight and I bought some vs making them myself because after building this trailer, I just wanted to

Woodworking Projects

Walnut Dressing Vanity Build

To start things off, I’ll make the panel which will become the sides and top. While that’s sitting in the clamps, I’ll prep the material

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