Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – March 22, 2019

I kept moving along with the tool cabinet this week by getting finish applied to my custom door panels. While finish was curing, I finally swapped the cutterhead in my planer. I’ve had the spiral head since November so it feels good to finally cross that off the to do list.

The Wall-Hanging Tool Cabinet Project

T shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and plans:

Farmhouse Table:
Waterfall Tables:
Bandsaw Mill Part 3:

1.5″ Straight Bit:
Carbide Insert Bit:
Hardwood Inserts (2 ea) RCK-70 ( and and AMA-12 (
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Viewer Projects

Coffee Tables by Andy

Recently I built a coffee table for my parents from reclaimed lumber and pallet wood.  All board all other than the top are from reclaimed pallets, the top is 2”thick oak cut from an old chopping desk or something someone threw away. Made a pair of them for out living room.

Coffee Table by Joe

I just finished up a live edge walnut crotch coffee table with a total of 14 curly purpleheart bow ties. 11 on the top and three on the bottom. It’s finished with danish oil and wipe on poly. I also used raw steel hairpin legs. I made a video about the build that you can see here:

I also wrote an article about it on my website

Kitchen Set by Cindy

This is a kitchen set of a cutting board, cookbook holder, paper napkin holder, and salt and pepper shakers I made for my sister for Christmas this year.  They are made from hard maple and walnut.  The walnut came from some walnut trees we cut down and milled when I was a teenager.  Since I’m almost 60 now I think it had plenty of time to dry.  I used my own home-made beeswax & mineral oil mixture to finish them and they turned out great.

Guitar by Doug

“Windswept Olive”
Specs are:
Sapele body w/flame Maple accent
Topwoods: Olive (tree inlay), Ziricote, Walnut, Tiger Maple, & Butternut
Neck: Rock Maple

Fingerboard: Ziricote w/flame Maple binding

Leaves are Abalone shell
Chair Kits

Chair Kit Style 6 Assembly Instructions

Order Chair Kits here: What You’ll Need Sander with 120, 180, and 220 grit Sandpaper Router 5/16″ or greater roundover bit (for the front of

Post Frame Barn Build

So Many Purlins

Welcome back to the build!  Last time we got all the trusses flown in, and this time, I’m going to go to purlin purgatory. I’m

Post Frame Barn Build

Setting the Trusses

Welcome back to the build!  Yesterday we got those two trusses up there, and today we’re to continue on with making a building. We have

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