Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – June 21, 2016

The week was spent working on the trailer improvements, making the last pieces of casing, and finishing up some cutting boards.

Viewer Projects

Walnut Desk by Bob

picture number 4 is what was used for the leg panels, both are beautiful walnut crotch, the desk is made of walnut and wild cherry, the top part of the desk is made with spalted oak, the front part that looks like drawers is made with birdseye redwood, and there is also three lights under the desk that are powered with a dimmer switch.

More info:

Walnut and Steel Stool by Bill

Traditional Farmhouse Dining Table by Chris

I recently finished my first large woodworking build, a (more traditional looking) farmhouse dining room table with Alder and Walnut. It’s right at 100″ long and about 40″ wide. I finished it with a coat of BLO, thin barrier coat of Shellac, and then 4 coats of General Finishes Enduro-Var. I’ve got a reddit post here and a larger build gallery here.

Instagram at @BeachumWoodWorks


Chimney Cupboard by Joel

Wood: Brazilian Cedar (Cedro Rosa) finished only with tung oil.

Home Addition & Renovation

Connecting the Basements

Welcome back to our home addition/remodel series.  One of the most popular questions that we have gotten throughout the build as we were installing the

Home Addition & Renovation

Removing the Staircase

Welcome back to our home addition/renovation project. In the past six weeks, we’ve put two additions on this house.  We’ve got this big one back

Woodworking Projects

Adding the Serpentine Profile to the Case

Welcome to my shop and welcome back to my series on building a serpentine chest of drawers. Last time we did all the dovetailed casework. 

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