Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Jan 8, 2018

The week I finished up the last flame finial which means the upper and lower case can move on to finishing.



Viewer Projects

Entertainment Stand by Tim

Oak slab top, walnut bow tie, hickory base/shelves.
Finished with arm-r-seal, bark included on top and one shelf (sealed with epoxy).
This was a much needed project to help organize all of the wiring under the TV in our den.   Built a slab flattening jig for this project.  A new challenge.

Vanity by Ricky

Hickory and walnut vanity with hammered copper sinks.  I milled the hickory for the top and doors myself from a fallen tree on my land with a homemade chainsaw mill and the walnut was all reclaimed.  The 2 butterfly’s are padauk.  The slab top is finished with 2 coats of epoxy.  Everything else got danish oil and lacquer.

Memory Box by Callum

I recently made this dovetailed memory box for my girlfriend with a hand letter punched plaque recessed into the lid. The box’s main body is walnut with an oak panel bottom and wenge panel for the lid. Dovetails were made using a combination of bandsaw and chisel work then fitted to together leaving the top and bottom floating in their rebates and then the whole piece was finished several coats of tung oil.

Walnut Trestle Table by Preston

I built a Walnut Trestle table heavily based off of a table by Andy Rawls (Watford Trestle Table).

Log Trailer

Making Ramp Mounts for my Trailer

I wanted aluminum ramps so they’d be lightweight and I bought some vs making them myself because after building this trailer, I just wanted to

Woodworking Projects

Walnut Dressing Vanity Build

To start things off, I’ll make the panel which will become the sides and top. While that’s sitting in the clamps, I’ll prep the material

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