Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Feb 13, 2018

Finished up the quick platter project and got finish on one of the carved drawer fronts. Surfaced the first of the waterfall table slabs with the new surfacing bit. Prepped the panels for the drawer bottoms and finished the initial epoxy work on the outfeed table top.

1.5″ Straight Bit:

Carbide Insert Bit:

Hardwood Inserts (2 ea) RCK-70 and and AMA-12

Fine Woodworking Live:

Makers Central:

MNWWG Northern Woods Show:

Viewer Projects

Baby Bed by Fabien

The bed: it is from beech, all the beams are made from saw milled plates and the end from massive laminated beech. the bed has no nail, is assembled any by the 8 keys on the sides (made in apple wood). the slatted bed base is done from “spruce” wood (I am not totally sure) and assembled by dowels and glue. Four beams in the front can be removed that the baby can access the bed alone. The finish is done with natural beeswax.
It took me over two months to do working after my daily job.

Watch Box by Aaron

It’s a watch display case that I made for my cousin for finishing his apprenticeship. The box is walnut with maple inlayed dovetails.  All hand cut joinery too! No jigs or dovetail guides!  Very tricky, but very worthwhile.

Nightstand by Brandon

Just a live edge walnut slab with a butterfly inlay and small maple drawer with a piece edge drawer pull.

Entry Table by Zak

Its a floating entry way table made of american walnut and hard maple using exposed interlocking tenon joints.  Christmas gift for mom.

Because great moms deserve maximum effort. (DIY floating entry way table)

Home Addition & Renovation

Connecting the Basements

Welcome back to our home addition/remodel series.  One of the most popular questions that we have gotten throughout the build as we were installing the

Home Addition & Renovation

Removing the Staircase

Welcome back to our home addition/renovation project. In the past six weeks, we’ve put two additions on this house.  We’ve got this big one back

Woodworking Projects

Adding the Serpentine Profile to the Case

Welcome to my shop and welcome back to my series on building a serpentine chest of drawers. Last time we did all the dovetailed casework. 

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