Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – August 17, 2016

This week I got a good start on the bandsaw mill track by doing all the prep work on the frame parts.  They’re ready to be welded together.   I’ll also been push along with the farmhouse table although slowly due to all the rain we’ve been having.

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Wooden Pen Tray by Jurre

I made it from a piece of wood that I had left over from making my desk lamp

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Keepsake Box by Aaron

I recently completed a keepsake box for my sister. I built the box out of figured maple and cherry. The figured maple was scrap left over from another build I am working on for my 18 month old daughter. I’m building her a toy box for my daughter and I ran out of wood. Since I was unable to travel to Moorhead MN and visit my favorite store in the entire world (Valley Hardwood Supply) for a few weeks I built this box with the silver scrap portions I had left over. For the toy box I’m working on it is going to be completely white but for this keepsake box I wanted to use the silver coloration and show off the character of the wood. I sanded everything to 400 grit and finished it using Formby’s tung oil finish low gloss. (I saw this in one of Kyle Toth’s videos. His projects almost glow so I thought I’d give it a try) I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to use and how nice of a finish it produced. I purchased the hinges from Menards and I bought a couple brass screws a chain and cobbled together the lid chain. This keepsake box was a way for me to test a few things to see if I liked them enough for the larger, more important, toy box I’m working on. In a few months when I’m finished with the toy box I’ll send that your way as well.
P.S. the 3rd picture was for a size reference. People kept asking me how big it was.

Walnut Coffee Table by Sevada

Here are some pictures of my first attempt at making furniture.  It’s a solid walnut coffee table with a curly maple drawer. The project took me over a month to build as I was learning at every step. This was my first time doing mortise and tenons and dovetails. I really enjoyed the project and even got my son to help.

Krenov Style Cabinet by John

The cabinet and panels in the doors are maple that I milled using my band mill. The base is cherry, I didn’t mill that.  I really like how it turned out.  The bookmatched panels have some awesome feather figure. I also made the pulls from some ambrosia maple that had a lot of the same colors as the panels.

Bassinet by DJ

Here is my version of your bassinet. I made it out of walnut, with maple just in the end panels. It was put together using pocket screws, and finished with danish oil.

Welcome to Triton Tools!

I’ll be at IFW in Atlanta, August 25-27th

Home Addition & Renovation

Upper Cabinets and Range Hood Surround

Welcome back to our home renovation.  Today I am going to be working on this wall. It needs some upper cabinets and the surround for

4 Responses

  1. Could you weight down your frame with some of those heavy logs to help keep heat-based deflection in check?

  2. Hi Matt,

    Your plan to move around your welding while building the frame so as not to warp things is the way to go. Tack it all together to start and then do as you planned, weld an inch here and then an inch there. Your material wall thickness should help prevent things from warping as long as you skip around the frame; It’s best to clamp the whole frame together before you weld anything so you can make sure everything is square and true before you start welding. However it’s amazing how a “gentle” tap with a ball-peen hammer even when things are tacked together can “adjust” a recalcitrant frame member into proper position. If everything is clamped tight before you weld everything should be where it should be after the welding is done and the clamps are removed.

    I think you mentioned it in an earlier video about this project but why stainless on the top of the frame?

    Keep up the excellent work and rock on I can’t wait to watch this sawmill evolve.

    All the best from here in Seattle,

    Doug Lidz

    PS. Congratulations on the news of another child.

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