Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Aug 17, 2018

Trucking along on the sideboard this week. I finished up the internals – the bottom frame and the drawer runners, kickers, and guides. I also picked up another log for the sawmill. I’ll be away for a week: heading to Texas for a couple days to visit April and then over to Atlanta for IWF.

Mallet by Ian

This is a mallet that I made last week. The head is made out of an old table leg that I’m pretty sure is oak and the handle is just a old piece of Douglas fir that I wedged with a piece of walnut. I really lucked out that the oak was rift sawn because it allowed me to get this awesome diamond pattern in the end grain. 🙂
I think this is the finest thing I have made so far. I decided to give it to my brother as a father’s day present and he was very pleased.

Dining Room Server by Bill

I built this dining room server for my wife. It is constructed with cherry which I milled myself. The carcass is assembled with dovetail joinery, as are the drawers.  The fold out top is fastened with concealed hinges.  It is finished with cherry stain and wipe on poly.

Coffee Table by Ned

Attached are a few photos of my first original furniture piece.  It’s all walnut with the exception of the ebony plugs and feet.  I designed it in CAD and cut most of the parts on my CNC router. LOTS of hand sanding and final shaping.  The finish is Maloof’s two-step process that I’m sure you’re familiar with.

Crib by Drew

I struggled with the spindles for longer than expected, mainly due to getting them filled and painted.  I finally settled on ‘good enough’ so I could wrap up the project.  I mis-calculated the overall length of the rails and legs with regards to the mattress size, but we padded one end so our daughter can’t get anything stuck in between the mattress and side rail.  It’s definitely not perfect, but I’m very happy with how it came out and we think it looks fantastic.  Our now ten month old is pretty petite, so she will get some good use out of it for quite some time.

Home Addition & Renovation

Cabinetry and open seating

Welcome back to our home renovation and remodel.  Today, I am hoping to have the island cabinetry built out, as well as getting the leg

Home Addition & Renovation

White Oak Kitchen Island Leg

Welcome back to the shop! I’m continuing on with the white oak island build. Last time I made the end panels for the cabinetry unit,

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