Sealing the Ends of Logs and Lumber – Ask Matt 20

Home Addition & Renovation

Cabinetry and open seating

Welcome back to our home renovation and remodel.  Today, I am hoping to have the island cabinetry built out, as well as getting the leg

Home Addition & Renovation

White Oak Kitchen Island Leg

Welcome back to the shop! I’m continuing on with the white oak island build. Last time I made the end panels for the cabinetry unit,

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  1. If I bought a slab from you what would be the process I would need to follow to pick it up. I want a slab large enough to make a table top.
    I would want to pick it up. I’ live near Fort Worth Texas so how many miles are you from my location ?

    Thanks ahead of time.

  2. Matt, I really enjoy your YouTube videos. The first thing to catch my eye was the video about the maple log from Robinsdale. I grew up in Robinsdale. Sometime I’d like to find out where you harvested the log from. It’s so weird watching the and wondering where you were located and finding out a girl I had a crush on lived within a block from your home/shop. But enough with my babbling and on to business.
    1) I have 6 red oak logs from a couple of trees that I had taken down about 5 weeks ago from my property in Burnsville. I’d like to get an estimate on getting them sawn up. It will be used to make new doors and drawer pulls for my home I built 40 years ago and If possible a new dinning room table. They are between 12 and 24 inches and 9 to 12 foot long. The slabs will come back to back to back to Burnsville to season.
    2) I need to get the ends sealed up. Is there anything I can use other than latex paint or the stuff that comes out of a 5 gallon pail?
    3) Is this a project you’re interested in? If so how do we do this? I’ve never been a fan of email but I’ll watch for your response.
    Sonny J.

    1. Hey Matt, thanks for getting back to me. I’m not going to tell how I got the stuff for free but I was getting paranoid about the amount of time without sealing up my logs. I remembered that I had a gallon of Zinzer deck primmer. I used it on timbers I used to build my window wells. The stuff on like something between pudding and gravy. My window wells look like I used new timbers and the logs got 2 coats and they look like I poured urethane over them. The next question(s) is how far off the ground do I need to season them. How long should I wait to mill the logs? Should I strip the bark and what do I need to do it?
      Sonny J.
      Ps I grew up on 39th and Zane.

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