Live Face Bench

I’ve had this cherry offcut from cutting a curved log into lumber in my shop for over two years and I’ve been wanting to make a bench out of it.  The offcut tapers towards the center so I thought the thicker ends would make nice legs and the thinner center would give the piece some nice vertical movement.

Post Frame Barn Build

Insulation and Heat

Welcome back to the build. Today we are going to be finishing the framing, and probably the start of insulation.  We have our framing inspection

Chair Kits

Chair Kit Style 6 Assembly Instructions

Order Chair Kits here: What You’ll Need Sander with 120, 180, and 220 grit Sandpaper Router 5/16″ or greater roundover bit (for the front of

Bandsaw Mill Build

Making a Track Extension for my Sawmill

Welcome to my backyard. Today we’re going to be extending the cut length on my saw.  I’m not really doing a bed extension, just extension

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  1. Did you cut one side of the bench so that you could establish square
    To make cuts at ends for legs perfect?

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