Slabbing with a Chainsaw and Bandsaw Mill

Last fall, Donavan had an elm tree removed from his yard that had died. The trunk was too heavy to be lifted out of his backyard with the crane that was used to remove the rest of the tree. We planned to mill the trunk in place with the chainsaw mill and after making a few cuts with the chainsaw mill, we removed enough weight so the log could be moved with a bobcat. We loaded it onto my trailer and cut the rest of the log on my homemade bandsaw mill.


Arboretum Update 2023

Today I’m going to do an update on the arboretum. If you haven’t heard about this before, this is my passion project. I have a

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  1. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for uploading your series on the sawmill. I may be building my own in the next year and I’m interested in some of your experiences.

    Have you already tried to cut thing veneer type boards? I’m shooting for a wide range of widths to cut, so I’d love to hear about that. How much play is there in the sleeve that carries the idle wheel. And what diameter are the wheels? So many questions 🙂 I don’t have a good Internet connection so watching the whole series is not possible at the moment 🙂

    Kind regards from the northern Schwarzwald area in Germany


    1. I don’t have any use for thin veneer so I haven’t specifically tried but I haven’t had an issue making thin trimming cuts under 1/4″. The idle wheel sleeve is the thickness of 4 index cards larger than the beam. Wheel diameter is 30″. Thanks!

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