Slabbing The Red Oak Log

My friend Jim wanted to try moving a massive log that we had cut a few years ago and he figured slabbing it would be a good project for me.  So we hauled this 6,000lb log from the forest to my backyard and over the course of a few weeks, I took slice after slice off of it.  I am using a Panther Mill II with my Stihl 046.  My 42″ bar when mounted in the mill gives me around 35″ of cut width if I remove the dogs from my saw.
Panther Mill:

Dema Gamayunov:
Andrew Klein:
Matt Anderson:

Live Face Bench
Live Face Bench
Milling Walnut Logs with a Chainsaw Mill
Milling Walnut Logs with a Chainsaw Mill
Slabbing White Oak Logs with a Chainsaw Mill
Slabbing White Oak Logs with a Chainsaw Mill
Log Trailer

Making Ramp Mounts for my Trailer

I wanted aluminum ramps so they’d be lightweight and I bought some vs making them myself because after building this trailer, I just wanted to

Woodworking Projects

Walnut Dressing Vanity Build

To start things off, I’ll make the panel which will become the sides and top. While that’s sitting in the clamps, I’ll prep the material

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  1. Hey Matt, Do you use any special blades on your saws to do the slabbing of those trees? Or just use a regular chainsaw blade? Thanks.

  2. Matt, Amazing work with the woodworking and videos on your process. Congrats on the recent addition to your family. Sarah and I have four kids, never a dull moment. Greetings from Nashville. Keep up the fantastic work. -Travis

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