Picking Up and Slabbing Ash Logs – Log Hauling Trailer Pt 3

The more I got into making my own lumber, the more I really needed a trailer.  For years, I had want my own trailer outfitted with a loading mechanism.  After building the mechanism, including the new arch mounts, I took the trailer out to pick up some large ash logs that were listed on craigslist for firewood.  I hauled them to my backyard, cut them into slabs, and stacked them with all my other slabs to dry.

Log Weight Calculator: http://www.woodweb.com/cgi-bin/calculators/calc.pl?calculator=log_weight

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Home Addition & Renovation

Cabinetry and open seating

Welcome back to our home renovation and remodel.  Today, I am hoping to have the island cabinetry built out, as well as getting the leg

Home Addition & Renovation

White Oak Kitchen Island Leg

Welcome back to the shop! I’m continuing on with the white oak island build. Last time I made the end panels for the cabinetry unit,

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  1. Matt, I’m a new Wood Talk listener and heard you guys talking about logs and slabs the other day. I also have been milling my own lumber for a few years now. First with a Granberg mill and more recently I picked up a Lumbersmith bandsaw mill. I also have a foundness for wide slabs (although a little more modest, 16 inch is about as large as I go at the moment). My friend, who built me a 12-foot track for the Lumbersmith in exchange for milling some barn wood, has a trailer with a winch for collecting logs. I just sent him this video for a possible enhancement to his log collecting. We have had access to a lot of logs around here (“here” being Washington, IL, site of the F5 tornado a few years back). Plenty of logs, just not enough time to mill them! Anyway, just thought I’d say “hi” and drool over the milling pics! I’ll share my FB woodworking interest page. I’ve found that with my wood drying hut I can dry 2 inch slabs to 12-15% MC in about 4 months if the majority of the drying time is during the winter months (I live in Illinois). https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.644491308911071.1073741833.634910359869166&type=3

  2. Yes. I know the feeling. It’s even hard to part with my slab collection. My brother wanted a slab recently for a rustic sign project. I couldn’t part with my 300 board feet of black oak or my maple slabs or…pretty much anything else! We found a nice, still intact, sassafras log in our woods, bark still attached for his needs.

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