First Cuts with the Bandsaw Mill

There’s still plenty to do still to complete the first iteration of my homemade bandsaw mill however I had enough done to do some test cuts to make sure it would actually work.  Here I’m cutting a 12″ diameter spruce log around 5’6″ long.  The guides are not set, the saw is at a fixed height, and the lube system isn’t installed. 

img_6682 img_6683 img_6684 img_6685 img_6686

There is still a bunch of stuff I still need to do but at least I can finally be reassured that it will actually cut a log.  Since I didn’t know if this was going to work or totally destroy a log, I chose a log that I cared the least about: a 12″ diameter, 5.5′ long, spruce log.  I got 3 boards around 7/8″ thick, 1 board around, 2″ thick, and one around 2.5″ thick.  It also looks like I’ll be able to squeeze a few boards out of the offcuts.  I’m manually pushing the carriage down the track right now but I couldn’t even feel the cut resistance.  Anyways, I’m pretty ecstatic right now!


Arboretum Update 2023

Today I’m going to do an update on the arboretum. If you haven’t heard about this before, this is my passion project. I have a

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  1. Greetings from Seattle Matt,
    Rock on Matt!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas man and what a Christmas you are having, first the birth of Max and then your saw works. Guess Spagnola is gonna have to eat his words about the saw.

    Can’t tell you how happy I am for your success. Have a great Christmas.

    All the best wishes for a wonderful Christmas,

    Doug Lidz

  2. Congratulations. A new baby and a working band saw mill. What a Christmas. Marc eat your heart out.

    Best wishes for the new year.

    Gary from Plano TX

  3. Hi Matt

    Season Greetings to all.

    Your saw was a huge task to take on and the trailer re vamp was interesting. Put another way I would build or revamp the trailer but no way would I have the nerve
    to take on the saw. You are finished – just to tide up you know it works.

    Congratulation on your success.



  4. Happy New Year!

    I just kept smiling as you kept sawing boards. Great job and truly an amazing accomplishment. What did you have in the pump sprayer, assume it was some type of cutting lube?

    You should send Spagnola some of those off cuts…..he can start on those….or use them to patch up some of those extra holes he keeps putting in that new house.

    Best of luck this year

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