Hanging the Last Steel Panels

Welcome back to the build. Didn’t make a video yesterday because it was kind of a recovery day after being up on that roof all day. Monday night, I couldn’t really walk all that well, and I couldn’t fall asleep cause I was in so much pain. Tuesday I woke up and felt okay – a little sore but okay. We had a bunch of returns to do, so we brought a bunch of stuff back to the store, got our money back, cleaned up a little bit, prepped the panels to go up on the ends. Yesterday was also really gusty and windy, so it wasn’t a good day for paneling anyway. 

Our plumbers, Mike and Christian, were out here yesterday, and they got all the PEX installed onto the floor. They’re finishing that up this morning, and they have their inspection today. 

So Donavan and I are going to try and get this wall looking more like a wall before the wind comes this afternoon.

We just had an inspection that went super smoothly, but now, it’s raining. We figured it would be kind of a hit-or-miss afternoon between the possible rain and then the increasing winds. So that’s going to be it for today for us at least. 

But we got a few pieces of steel installed here on the end, and the PEX is all pressurized. It’ll stay that way until the floor is poured.

Happy Friday, welcome back. In case you’re wondering, we did not beat the snow. It’s October 14th, and we got two inches of snow. Donavan is not too keen on the idea of me getting on the roof right now, so we will wait on that until the temps warm up and things start to melt and dry.  

So instead, today we are going to work on the end wall. 

While we’re over here, we’re going to finish up this soffit. There’s a lot more soffit on the other side, but at least we can clean this side up and never have to come back here ever again.

The snow is off the roof, so we are going to finish the roof after all. We have seven panels to go up there, and then all the roof panels are all on. 

We’re going to go and put it in some patch pieces over on this side of the roof next. This is feeling like a productive day, especially given the weather circumstances.

We did it, we did a roof! That is it for us this week, and it’s actually looking like a barn now. All of the sheets are up, we just have the trim to do. Donavan and I will be out here tomorrow working on that. Then the floor will get poured on Monday. 

Coming into the actual building is very weird and very surreal, as I’m thinking back to when we’re out here just standing the posts. 

Thank you as always for joining. I greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions or comments on the barn build, please feel free to leave me a comment. As always I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. And until next time, happy woodworking. 

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