Can we Install the Upper Roof in a Day?

Welcome back to the build. 

We made a little progress off-camera. We had a beautiful Sunday, so we decided to take advantage of it, and we put up the tin on this wall. It went a lot more smoothly than I thought, because we were worried about how we were going to stand those middle sections up. They are 26 feet long, and they get kind of floppy at that length. But we came up with a decent way of doing it. I was up in the lift holding onto the sheet, and we pivoted it up into place which actually worked out really, really well. And that took us just a few hours in the afternoon. That really transformed the whole look of the backside of the barn. 

We also got our foam all down and ready for our plumber, Mike, to come by and install the PEX. He should be out either today, tomorrow, or Wednesday, and he says he should be here for two days. 

We are supposed to have windy weather Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so we are going to be hustling today to get as much of that top roof on there. Jack is going to be in the bucket on a telehandler, aligning us along that eave transition piece. Once we get that first sheet on, I’ll be up on the top roof screwing off the sheets as we go. At least that’s our plan right now. 

Making some good progress in the first half of the day. Our set-up with Jack in the telehandler bucket is actually working really well, and I get to enjoy some nice views.  

Another position done. We’re going to reposition, and we’ve only got two bays left to go. 

We didn’t pre-drill the holes for the roofing tin, because the purlins aren’t always perfectly straight. If we pre-drilled the holes, we could miss the purlins, and sighting where to drill the holes isn’t too bad up here. I do have the purlins marked on the ladder here, which helps. 

Okay, here we go on the other side. 

It’s just a little after 4:00 now, and we’re maybe halfway through this side. We’re going to work a bit later today since it’s going to be crap weather the rest of the week. We won’t get it all done today, we’ll have probably the last two bays to go after today, but we got a lot done already. 

Last thing today, Jack and I are going to put in the last piece of that transition cap. 

So that is it for today. The sun has set, and I’m exhausted. The hardest part about this is that you can’t get comfortable while you’re up there, you’re crouched in awkward positions all day long. But it feels really good to have a super productive day and get something super duper far along. We did almost the entire upper roof today. 

Now, here’s something even crazier. Come inside and it actually feels like a building. Crazy what just two days can do!

We’ll see what we can do tomorrow based on the weather, and we’ll kind of go from there. Thank you as always for joining. I greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions or comments on the barn, please feel free to leave me a comment. As always, I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Until next time, happy woodworking!

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