Now it’s a Sunroom ☀️ All 8 Windows are Installed

Welcome back to our home renovation/remodel project. Welcome back to day two of window installation. 

In the last episode we got these five main windows in the sunroom installed. Before that, we got the door installed. Today, we’re going to put in the last three windows. There’s two next to the door, and a smaller one that goes into the wall that ties into the great room. Then we are all done with window installation for this project! Donavan and I are very excited to be moving forward with such visible changes, because we lost about a whole month to weather and delays, and as a result, made very slow progress on the project. Right now we are where we expected to be about a month ago.

First we have to cut out some OSB to get the openings for the windows prepped.

Then we can set the windows.

Since we have a wall thickness of 10 a quarter, these don’t have the factory extension jambs on here. We’re going to make our own full jamb extension on here. Because of that, we lowered the laser a little bit. Instead of picking up the bottom of the extension jamb, we’re lining up with the actual window casing. With the laser set, we can get our up and down position correct, and then we just have to make sure we get our left to right position correct. 

We have this fun detail, where the casings from the door and the window meet smack in the middle of the switches. The switch box is there already, so the windows get set to the switch box, which is set by the door. Everything is set by the door.

Once we have the windows set perfectly (and after moving our rough casing a quarter of an inch), we can caulk the edges and screw the windows in there.

And then the same process all over again for the little window on the opposite wall. 

We’ve got all the windows installed now. 144 square feet of glass. 

After a little bit of cleanup, having the scaffold out of here gives a much better perspective on what this is all going to look like. It’s starting to look like a real thing now. 

Looking into the sunroom from the kitchen area inside the house, there is just a ton of light coming in from those windows the next morning. When the sun is low in the sky in the morning, the light reaches all the way across the room. I think it’s going to be an absolutely incredible space every morning.

Donavan was telling me that now we’re at a transition point in the project. We’re going from all the rough stuff to essentially finishing stuff at this point. So we’re getting into the it’s-all-trim phase.

Out here is going to be all trim all the way around, and we have our deck to build out here. It’s going to be a lot of fun to move forward and get everything looking closer to its final form. 

That’s going to do it for this one. Thank you, as always, for watching. We greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions or comments on the home renovation/remodel project, please feel free to leave us a comment. As always, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Until next time, happy woodworking!

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