Foundation Cap

Welcome back to our home remodel project! Up to this point we have been working on the foundation. Today we’re starting on some framing. We’re going to get started by putting on the cap, which is basically the floor. 

First Donavan is looking for his layouts and getting everything prepped on the wall to tie into all of the joists, and we’re putting our sill plate up on the wall then building off of there. So I’m going to go get my tool belt!

Donavan is rerouting some of the utility stuff, and I’m going to finish up the waterproofing while he’s doing that. That should take care of the prep work we need to do before actually starting up with framing.

We had a few small high spots on our foundation so Donavan ground them down.

Next we are getting the sill plate installed. 

We’ll cut the plate to length and then layout and drill the holes for the anchor bolts.

The plate gets dropped onto the foundation with a layer of seam sealer underneath.

We did run into a bit of a situation where the sill plate meets the house. It turns out that the floors that were installed when the previous owners added an addition are on a different level than the floors of the original house. That meant that we had a bit of a mismatch to deal with. We ended up making up the difference with the sill plate at the front side of our addition by planing down that board a little bit. That essentially brought our whole foundation height a little bit down the required amount so that our floors are flush. It wouldn’t have mattered if we weren’t doing a continuous floor, but since this floor is going to be part of the existing floor, it has to be nice and flush.

Now Donavan’s pulling off some of the sheathing, and we’re going to get the ledger attached to the house.

We’ll also set the rim joist.

Next we will get the joists installed, and it will start to actually take shape!

It is the next morning, and we are getting more of the joists installed. Donavan’s been working on getting the house cleaned up so he can tie in the joist that’s running into this section of the house. 

Donavan is doing the final attachments of the ledger to the house before we go too crazy with getting the subflooring and adding weight to it.

Next up we are going to get some of these deck sheetings down. We are using Advantech flooring. It’s a tongue and groove system and nothing sticks to it, which is great for water and whatnot. 

It’s got its own special glue and screw pattern and all kinds of stuff. 

That’s as far as we’re going to get for this week. We have design meetings today, but most of the subfloor is in and ready to go. Next week, we will be doing some back-filling and then probably hopping back there to finish up the floor, and we’ll be going from there! 

Thank you as always for joining me. I really appreciate it! If you have any questions or comments on the home addition, please feel free to leave me a comment. As always I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have! Until next time, happy woodworking.

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