Packing Chair Kits – Warehouse Vlog 5

Welcome back to my warehouse! Today, we’re actually going to be using the warehouse for something. 

It is chair kit packing day. We were going to do this yesterday, but today’s supposed to become more of a rainy day than yesterday was. Getting as much time outdoors towards the end of summer is important when you live in Minnesota. So today is a better day to be cooped up inside. 

I have my mother-in-law here to help me today, and she’s helping me box up all of the chair kits. We’re starting off this morning by breaking down the pallets into the packs of kits for all of the different styles. 

We’re doing seven 6-packs of style three in walnut at the moment. The plan for the first part of the morning is to get at least these first seven staged, and we’ll go from there. One thing that’s kind of unfortunate is some of my packing orders haven’t come in yet, and won’t be here until probably Tuesday. The biggest thing we’re going to run out of is the poly film fold spray foam machine. But as long as we can get a good chunk of these things in the boxes, and the kits broken down into the packs of the orders ready to go in the boxes, that’ll be pretty good. 

A lot of the style three material we need next is on this pallet. So we’ll start breaking this down and get it sorted.

Okay, we got all the parts prepped, so the last thing is the seats. While I’m getting the spray foam thing set up, Kathleen’s going to start making the hard board kits with corner block.

I’m getting these seats ready to go. So everything gets put into this bag. Once it’s in the box, then the seats get dropped in on top of the foam. Since this is a six pack, we’re going to do three in the bag to start with and then the other three will be loaded in once this is inside the actual shipping box.

That pallet cart works out pretty well. It’s at the right height for loading, and it’s pretty easy to get those larger boxes out of the way once they’re full. I need to get some more pallets though. \

Got some lunch visitors. Hey bud.

The boys and I are going to go find some pallets because we need some more inside the warehouse. That should help. 

I haven’t been filming much because we’ve been just trucking along with stuff. We’re towards the end of the day now, and we’re essentially coming down on our second iteration. I packed the bigger boxes for the six packs, and then we packed the skinny boxes for the six packs. Then we moved on to the four packs, and I packed the skinny boxes for those. Now I’m packing the big boxes for the four packs. I have one more four pack box left to pack today, and that’s going to be it for the day. 

Kathleen’s been breaking down parts all day, so everything is prepped ready to go into the boxes. 

I think that’s going to do it for today! We packed 66 chairs today, which is probably about a third of what’s come in out of the shipment. So I’ve got a lot more work ahead of me, but luckily everything is broken down, so all that has to happen now is these have to go in the boxes.

Thank you as always for joining me, I really appreciate it. If you have any questions or comments on the chair kits, the warehouse, or anything back in the shop, please feel free to leave it in the comments. As always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Until next time, happy woodworking.

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