Moving Some Shipping Stuff

Welcome back to this vlog I’m doing on the the warehouse and the expanding business and everything related to that. Last time I said that we’d be doing some setup at the warehouse, but I have to go out today anyway, so I figured I would haul over some stuff that needs to go over there and answer some questions that arose last time. Today I’m going to be pulling out a lot of the shipping materials for all the chair kits, which are going to be going over to the warehouse. 

I had been shipping them from home since the chair kits started coming in before I got the warehouse. I have so many things here already to do fulfillment that it’s just easier to get through some of them here, and then I can move that all over there. 

I have the remainder of my packing materials, a few more boxes, and a few extra parts and things that I’ll try to get in the truck today and get them out of the house. 

So I’m going to grab a pallet and get started moving things out and onto the bed of the truck. 

I’m also going to bring over the last of the sample chairs, including the most popular chair: number three in walnut.

Okay I got the fork lift here, and we’re going to get this pallet into the warehouse. 

It’s a little dark in here because I’m too lazy to go turn the lights on. One of the biggest questions I got from last time was about the space and the security of my stuff here. So some more information on the space and security concerns are this: at this stage in this, I have no concerns over security, there’s not a whole lot here that is valuable or that I care too much about, so that’s not a huge deal. This is a blank slate, so I can do a lot of things here if I want to. I can put up walls, I can put up cages, I can put up cameras, I can do pretty much anything I need to do for that. At this stage, I’m not exactly sure everything that’s going to be happening here yet, so I want to keep things somewhat open so that it’s easier to get larger things in here versus having walls with some access doors which might make getting large machines into my area more difficult. So that’s going to be an ongoing thing as we move forward, but at this point I have absolutely no concerns. 

A little bit about the space real quick. The warehouse we’re in right now is the overflow storage space and work space for the company that operates in most of this building. They have an overflow work area as well as some storage, so I’m kind of in their space. 

Now, for anyone wondering how the chair kits come, this is how they come: all different parts all ready to go. The only parts I don’t have here in this pile are the rear legs, but otherwise, those are all the parts to make four of that chair right there. Altogether, you have your front legs, your crest rails, lower rails, one piece compound steam vent backrest, and your seats with the scoop, all ready to go. 

All of that’s going to come in these two boxes here, a cube and then this longer tube box that’s got the rear legs.

That’s it for this one I guess. I have the next shipment of the pre-orders coming in yet. At this point, I’ve shipped about 40% of the pre-orders, so I have a much larger order coming and that’s going to fulfill all the rest of the pre-order. So a lot more shipping is going to be happening, and that’s going to be happening here. So I have to get this place set up and ready for that. 

Thank you as always for watching, I really appreciate it. If you have any questions or comments about the warehouse space or anything back in my shop, please feel free to leave me a comment. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Until next time, happy woodworking! 

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