Slabbing, Chainsaw Rack, Slab Encapsulation Project

I spent some time slabbing up the silver maple log that I picked up a few weeks ago, started knocking out a quick shop organization project – a quick rack for my chainsaws – and got started on an epoxy slab encapsulation project.

Meet the Makers
June 22, 1-7PM

Viewer Projects

Coat Rack by David

Here are some images of a coat rack I made from Walnut for the wife.

Parsons style entry table by Drew

This is my version of a parsons style entry table made from black walnut. Opposed to the table legs coming through the top I opted to add three stretchers to allow the top to float. The table was made with hand cut mortise and tenon joinery. Table top is secured with elongated holes through the three stretchers. It is 1’ wide and 6’ long. I spent a long time finding the desired boards for the top and found two that I was able to join at the sap wood to blend the seam. The table was finished with 4 coats of general finishes arm-r-seal semi-gloss #churchofarmrseal then hand rubbed with a scotch brite finishing pad and paste wax

Toolcast by Tomy

The whole toolchest is made out of Reclaimed wood (Dunnage and skids parts) that I’ve gathered over the years. For the outside I used red oak. I was lucky enough to find this amazing figure in a few pieces of white oak dunnage, for the drawers. I used guitar strap buttons for the drawer pulls.
The whole case was build using dovetails. dividers, back and drawer bottoms from plywood.
I will be using this chest in my shop for storing template,projects hardware, and tools.

Roll Top Bandsaw Boxes by Drew

This design boasts a unique roll-top lid for the top compartment along with a little drawer below.

Home Addition & Renovation

These Windows were too Small

Welcome back to our home renovation/remodel/addition project.  In the Fall, we framed up the majority of the addition. We still need to add this porch

Home Addition & Renovation

Setting the Final Beams

Welcome back to the home renovation and remodel project. Today we’re going to get back into the structural elements of the remodel. Chris and Chris

Home Addition & Renovation

Finishing the Subfloor and Adding the Pantry

Happy Friday, everybody. Hopefully today we get something done, because this has not been a productive week. We got lots of things done, but nothing

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