Sawing Pecan, Spice Boxes, Vacuum Drying

I’ve been busy working on numerous things.  In the shop, I continued on with the spice box project and on the sawmill, I cut a pecan log.  I also got the slabs back from being vacuum dried and I have a thin slab product in the works.

Spice box and Spoon Class:

Woodsmith Workshop
Sept 30 & Oct 1, 2019
Urbandale, IA

Viewer Projects

Carved Spoon by Patrizia

Looking through a pile of beech firewood, which is very common in Switzerland, we found some spalting going on in a few logs. Instead of just burning wood with such a nice grain and texture, I cut them up to let them dry to stop the rotting. Patrizia from foifedrissg made several spoons out of this wood and I tried my best to capture the whole relaxing and enjoyable process of making a beautiful spoon.

Porch Table by Pete

Here are some pictures of a table I made for my parents for their screen porch at their cottage. It is made from solid rustic hickory, the base is done with mitered mortise and tenon joinery, the voids and knot holes are filled with pourable epoxy and it is  finished with Zar exterior water based polyurethane. I threw in one picture with a couple of my “shop helpers”

Hall Table by Matt

Made my first piece of real indoor furniture! Its a hallway table made out of curly cherry. Whole thing is made with old school mallet, planes and chisels, don’t have many power tools yet!

Wooden Knife by Andrew

My name is andrew, i’m 15 years old, and i live in iowa.

The materials i used are bloodwood, bocote and 5 minute epoxy.
 I did the majority of resawing and shaping on an old bandsaw i inherited from my grandmother when she died
I made it for a friend just as a gift because he thought a bloodwood knife would look cool.
Chair Kits

Chair Kit Style 6 Assembly Instructions

Order Chair Kits here: What You’ll Need Sander with 120, 180, and 220 grit Sandpaper Router 5/16″ or greater roundover bit (for the front of

Post Frame Barn Build

So Many Purlins

Welcome back to the build!  Last time we got all the trusses flown in, and this time, I’m going to go to purlin purgatory. I’m

Post Frame Barn Build

Setting the Trusses

Welcome back to the build!  Yesterday we got those two trusses up there, and today we’re to continue on with making a building. We have

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