Router Bit Cabinet, Bridgeport Restoration, Metal Cutting Circular Saws

The metal cutting circular saw that I have:

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Guitar by Bob

Reclaimed mahogany from an old bookcase and spruce top from fencing panels. The neck is flamed maple.

Solid Maple Desk by Matt

Seating for two, solid 84” x 24” glass on top, lots of storage. And no plywood! 🙂   Brass hardware and Inlayed rosewood!

Kennel by Hunter

This is a double dog kennel i built for a friend a few months ago. I used rough sawn knotty alder and just cleaned it up slightly to retain a rustic look. Its all biscuit joinery but the steel dowels are embedded in the rails of the frame through out.

Display Cabinet by Joshua

I made this display cabinet for my wife. She wanted somewhere to display smaller knickknacks & some paintings I’ve done. It serves as an entry way piece to put keys, mail, & writing supplies. The case was made out of African Mahogany & the dividers are Ambrosia Maple. For the finish a did several coats of shellac and a top coat of furniture wax. It was my first time attempting hand cut dovetails as well as stopped dados. The wife was happy so I will count this one as a job well done.

Home Addition & Renovation

Upper Cabinets and Range Hood Surround

Welcome back to our home renovation.  Today I am going to be working on this wall. It needs some upper cabinets and the surround for

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