Newspaper Article, Spice Box Progress

I’ve been working on a few videos for the Spice Box class and spending a bit of time outside with the sawmill.

Newspaper Article:

Spicebox and Spoon Class:

Woodsmith Workshop:

Viewer Projects

Dollhouse by Max

My wife and I built a dollhouse for our children that I wanted to hand in as a viewer’s project. I don’t have a workshop so we built it in our appartment with just basic tools (circular saw, jigsaw and a drill) and a workmate. We wanted it to be sturdy so we chose some solid material. The house can be taken apart to be stored under a bed and it features a rope ladder that we build ourselves and a staircase which we bought and fitted to the house. It has an LED lighting that is battery operated. Also I kept the offcuts of the doors and I am planning to build in actuals doors with hinges in the future. Although there is no sophisticated joinery involved (only basic dowels) we are proud to say that we did not need a single screw 😉 I attached a drawing (the numbers on it are in centimeters) and some pictures.

Table by Marcin

Made with a oak cookie slab from a neighbor’s downed neighborhood tree. (urban logging 🙂
The legs are department store cedar cut and laminated on a bent form.
Pine for the main (hidden) support.
Finished using water-based polyurethane.
Not much in terms of joinery, a few screws here and there and a halving joint on the pine section.

Trestle Table by Connor

This is my I-Beam trestle table made entirely with solid walnut. My fiancé and I needed a larger table to host both our families for Thanksgiving this year so I set out to make a dining table.
I took inspiration from a Wisconsin based woodworker called Fiddle+Hammer. The table is made with through mortise and tenons and can be disassembled and flat-packable. I made the table top almost entirely with hand tools. I don’t have a jointer or planer so I did all the edges and flattening of the table top with a restored Stanley no 6. There is also a subtle live edge on the top that gives it a lot of character. The curve of the I-beam legs were cut with a scroll saw and refined with a belt sander. It was also the first time I’ve used a card scraper and was seriously impressed with the finish it left on the walnut. (I learned to sharpen the card from you). It’s all finished with a number of coats of Arm-R-Seal satin. We are really happy with the table and hope to eventually upgrade the chairs from Ikea to something I make. I’m also very pleased that when we eventually move, it will be easy to disassemble the table for easy transportation.

Night Stands by Floyd

The frame and top are cherry, with the drawers made of poplar. The side panels are some slightly figured maple, with the drawer fronts of some crazy figured tiger maple I picked up for 2 bucks a board/foot! The slats on the bottom are ambosia maple. I finished the tops and drawer fronts with wipe on poly (4 coats), and the rest with Tung oil (5 coats).
Home Addition & Renovation

Upper Cabinets and Range Hood Surround

Welcome back to our home renovation.  Today I am going to be working on this wall. It needs some upper cabinets and the surround for

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  1. good luck with the talk at woodsmith they aren’t as good since don sold the business and they brought in new people. i have all the magazines and the first 11 seasons of the tv show but the new idiot they have on the show ruined it so i won’t buy any more.

  2. How great is that dolls house. My girls would love it. Even more impressive that they built it without a workshop. I built a toy kitchen for my kids once before I had a workshop and it’s always a pain, I had to assemble it in the spare room at the time.

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