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Kitchen Step Stool by Nick

The top is made from a 5/4 cherry off-cut left over from a previous table build, while the base is made up of 1-1/4″ square stock all processed out of a left over 2×8.  I used angled bridle joints connecting each member of the 2 trapezoidal leg assemblies, the cross stretchers are dovetailed into each leg assembly, and the top attaches to the base via screws and handmade screw blocks made from the same 2×8.  I added a subtle curve to the bottom of each leg assembly as well as to each end of the cherry top to soften the overall look.  To show off all of this hand cut joinery, I finished the base assembly with 3 coats of Behr flat paint, the cherry top was finished with 3 coats of a water-based poly.
The stool is always out as we use it often in our kitchen, it was a fun, quick, and functional build!

Dining Table by Dema

Small box with angled dovetails by Shaun

Oak sides and claro walnut burlap top. Tulip inlay made of yellowheart and lignum vitae. Finish is one seal coat of clear shellac, four coats of nitrocellulose lacquer, and a little paste wax applied to the top.
Tiny gaps with the dovetails and one slight gap along the petal of the tulip. The one complication I had was the shellac turned many parts of the oak black and I had to sand it back quite a bit. I read this is an interaction with the tannins in the oak. 

Dining Table by Andrew

This is a 44 x 80 inch dining table I made with birch I milled and dried on my ranch in British Columbia. I used drawbored breadboard ends (as per your demonstrations in the wood whisperer guild). I wanted to incorporate live edge in a way that would be easy to modify if I didn’t like it on the table and I wanted a base that would allow as much freedom under it as possible. This is what I came up with. 

Home Addition & Renovation

Pouring and Waterproofing the Basement Walls

Welcome back to our home addition/remodel project! Today is Monday, October 25th, and it is the start of week three of this project.  Last time,

Home Addition & Renovation

Setting the Basement Wall Forms (ICF)

Welcome to my backyard, and welcome back to the home addition/remodel project! Last time, we worked on getting the footings in, and the concrete in

Home Addition & Renovation

Forming and Pouring Footings

Welcome to my backyard and to our home addition project! Last time we did a rough excavation, and today we’re going to get started on

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  1. Nice job on the table top. I’m in the middle of a similar project. I’m more interested in your chair kit. I’ve made a few chairs but like your design as seen in Woodsmith. I’m an 84 year old still active in my shop. Would be interested in purchasing one of your chair kits. Thank you – rr

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