Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Sept 6, 2016

Woodworking in America is coming up, the saw carriage is rolling and the farmhouse table is done!

Woodworking in America:

Thursday night meet up:

Wood Talk/WIA Meetup 9/15 @5pm at Moerlein Lager House at

Finishes I used on the Farmhouse Table

Epifanes Matte:


Viewer Projects

Live Edge Bench by Blake

I have a good friend who gathers fallen trees, mills them and air dries them. He then makes furniture and other architectural things from them, a lot in the style of George Nakashima. He is currently sitting on 10,000 bd ft,  half two years air dried and mostly walnut and cherry.   I asked him to bring me some of his offcuts to help me get started in the shop. From what he gave me I made a live edge bench from walnut with a piece of birdseye maple for the trestle as an accent. I made this for the sun room in  my daughter’s home she is currently renovating.  I delivered this to her home here in Connecticut last night. The wood came from the Annapolis Md area.

Side Table by Dan

Here’s a side table I completed this spring. It’s my second furniture piece ever, and was a request from my girlfriend to complete our newly-remodeled guest bedroom. It was made using rough sawn silver maple which was milled locally here in PA.  Joinery is all dowels. The design was my own, with a rough mockup modeled in Sketchup on a Monday morning and by Tuesday afternoon I was applying finish. Not too shabby!

Additional Photos:

Coffee Table by Steve

The attached pictures are for a coffee table I made as a wedding gift for a friend. The entire table is made from scrap strips I reclaimed from the back of my hardwood. I was inspired by your picture bringing your secretary back to its roots so I took mine as close as I could get!


DVD Case/Stand by Caleb

Made out of recycled red oak that were used for doors of a cabinet and it was made using only hand tools

Submit your viewer project: Email me pictures and a description of your project and I’ll feature your project on the show.

First video from Spareroom Woodworking

Home Addition & Renovation

Everything is Predicated on this Door

Welcome back to our home renovation addition project. Today is the start of a very exciting thing: converting our wall of OSB to a wall

Home Addition & Renovation

Roof Deck Membrane Installation

Welcome back to our home renovation and remodel project.  Finally, the weather has turned to something tolerable! It’s starting to warm up, so we’re back

Home Addition & Renovation

Creating Roof Slopes with Tapered Insulation

Welcome back to our home renovation and remodel project.  Today is a pretty exciting day today because look what was delivered! We have our windows

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  1. Hey Matt,

    Looks like you’re doing great! WWIA, and a wonderful picnic table on a great patio. And a big motor to play with. LOL! Take care!

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