Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Sept 23, 2017

I’m back from my trip to the UK with my almost complete chair.  In a few weeks after I’m done with the highboy, I’ll be finishing it up and gluing it together.  On the highboy, I added the knee blocks to the lower case and glued up the panels that will start to form the upper case.
A HUGE thank you to Triton Tools for making the trip possible!
Triton’s Youtube Channel:
Paul’s Chairmaking Courses:


Viewer Projects

Leafed Butternut Bowl by Sean

Here is one of the bowls I turned from the butternut you sent me last year.
I metal leafed the outside of the bowl with silver and treated it with liver of sulfur to create the patina.

Cherry Bed by Rob

I’ve been woodworking for a little over a year. I built the Wood Whisper’s queen size bed ( from cherry with bookmatched walnut panels. The rough lumber was harvested locally and has been air drying in a barn for 30 years.  I built Gregory Paolini’s horizontal slot mortiser ( for all the mortise and tenon joinery. It’s finished with dewaxed shellac followed by 3 coats of General Finishes Satin Arm R Seal.

Walnut Slab Coffee Table by Michael

My name is Michael and I’m seventeen years old. These pictures are of a walnut slab coffee table that is definitely my favorite project so far (i’ve been woodworking for about 3 years). I got the slab from woodcraft and the hairpin legs from rockler. I stabilized the cracks with epoxy tinted with a pearl white color. I used general finishes arm-r-seal to finish it with two coats on the bottom and sides and three coats on the top.

Jewelry Box by Jorge

I have been working on this jewelry box for weeks and I finally finished it.
It is heavily inspired on (i.e. a copy of) your tea box. I watched those videos a gazillion times and I learned a ton, so thank you so much for uploading them.
 Making this box was also a huge learning experience.  There are quite a number of things I wouldn’t mess up if I did it again 🙂
 Starting with the separator between the drawers which is not from the same board and so the grain doesn’t match and I can’t tell you how much it saddens me.  I actually screwed it up three times.  The very first time I cut the tails on the wrong side of the separator. Then I found a second piece that sort of looked like it, but cut it a half a milimeter too short. So then I cut a third separator, but I glued it upside down so the grain, which was supposed to match, somewhat, doesn’t match at all.  So bottom line that separator just did not want to happen 🙂

Home Addition & Renovation

These Windows were too Small

Welcome back to our home renovation/remodel/addition project.  In the Fall, we framed up the majority of the addition. We still need to add this porch

Home Addition & Renovation

Setting the Final Beams

Welcome back to the home renovation and remodel project. Today we’re going to get back into the structural elements of the remodel. Chris and Chris

Home Addition & Renovation

Finishing the Subfloor and Adding the Pantry

Happy Friday, everybody. Hopefully today we get something done, because this has not been a productive week. We got lots of things done, but nothing

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