Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – October 4, 2016

Due to some derailed plans I ended up working on the apple press instead of the bandsaw mill last week.  I have everything I need to push on with the mill now though.

Urbn Timber:

Viewer Projects

Maple and Cherry Hall Table by Nicholas

Maple and Cherry hall table with a “floating” top and dovetailed drawer. This was actually my first major furniture project; previously I had only built small cabinets, shelves, boxes, etc. The dovetails are hand cut, and there is no hardware except for a few screws in the drawer back that allow for contraction/expansion. The legs are attached via dados that I cut by hand and the top is attached with mortises and tenons. You can see this project and many of my others at

Steak Knife by Max

I purchased the blade from a norwegian company that makes them by hand. It was just 30€. Their finished knives go for 100€ and upwards. So it was kind of a budget build. I modeled the handle on CAD, then did a 3D print to check the dimensions and finally cut it using my homemade CNC. It received a thick Polyurethane finish to make it waterproof.

 Farm Table by Kris

I recently was commissioned to build this table for a friend. He tore down an old pergola made of cedar and asked that I turn it into a table.  The table is all solid cedar its a little over 7′ long and 40″ wide. The legs started out as 6×6’s but lost a little after milling. the butterfly keys are walnut. I know that isnt really how the keys are traditionally used but I like the way they look so I decided to add them to it. Its covered with SEVERAL coats of teak oil.  That old cedar was very thirsty.

Bench by Filip

Here are some picture of a wooden bench I made. As you can see it’s made of oak.  The seating and vertical pieces in the back are fixed with screws which are covered with plugs.  The rest is put together with mortises and tenons.  This is my first piece of furniture to be used outdoors.  I recently started my own business here in Sweden and have been working for less then a year.

 Naka Table by Johnny

I named it the Naka Table because it was inspired by George Nakashima. This was the first time I made dovetail splines and I’m very surprised on how well they turned out.

 Submit your viewer project: Email me pictures and a description of your project and I’ll feature your project on the show.
Home Addition & Renovation

Upper Cabinets and Range Hood Surround

Welcome back to our home renovation.  Today I am going to be working on this wall. It needs some upper cabinets and the surround for

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  1. Hi Matt, your Oct 4th shop video doesn’t play at all. Just gives an error message. Am I the only one with this problem?

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