Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – November 10, 2017

I made a hinged lidded box as a bit of a sanity project between cleaning up and mitering the gooseneck moldings for the highboy.

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End Table by Paul

The wood was rough cut still so had to plane down and jointed. The base is attached with dowels and glue. The draw is just but jointed together with a piece of 1/2 plywood glued to the bottom. The top is held down with some angle iron so that is can move around with the season changed. It has two coats of polyurethane. its 15 inches wide, 20 inch long and sit s 25inch from the ground. The front draw sits flush with the front frame so it makes it looks like it doesn’t even have a drawer.

Coffee Table by Tim

This pecan coffee table is special to me in many ways. But first a quick disruption, it is bookmatched crotch figured pecan at 1 3/4″ thick with copper epoxy and pecan bowtie accents. The base is rough sawn cherry that has chamfered edges as well as a pecan slab with copper epoxy hole fills.

This table is special to me because the wood came from a fallen tree when our city was struck by a tornado that came the day after christmas 2015 and severely damaged one of our elementary schools. It is also my first time doing a bowtie spline ever, no practice just went for it and it came out almost perfect haha. I hope you like it as much as I do.
Dimensions if wanted are 42″ long 21-24″ wide 15″ tall.

Flag Case by Chris

I made this for a family friend who’s wife recently got her US citizenship. They flew a flag over the US Capitol in her name and they wanted a case to hold the flag.
• Made from walnut with birch splines. Wood was sourced locally here in Oklahoma.
• Wipe on poly finish
• Instagram: @creativecag

Clothes Tree by Jeff

This project was undertaken to fix the problem I had with still wearable clothes cluttering the top of my bedroom dresser.  My design inspiration was the natural form of a living tree with a trunk and branches supported by “roots.”  These were built from 8/4 cherry using pattern routing.  Joinery was done with Festool Domino XL, I have Seneca Woorworking conversion kit to allow for std. size dominoes in addition to the monster XL ones.  Finish is danish oil.

Home Addition & Renovation

Cabinetry and open seating

Welcome back to our home renovation and remodel.  Today, I am hoping to have the island cabinetry built out, as well as getting the leg

Home Addition & Renovation

White Oak Kitchen Island Leg

Welcome back to the shop! I’m continuing on with the white oak island build. Last time I made the end panels for the cabinetry unit,

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