Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – May 11, 2015

Easily the biggest thing this past week was the photo shoot for the secretary desk.  It was a lot of fun to take the desk out into the woods and get some awesome pictures of it.  Thanks again to Dema for helping me with that!  The big new this week is I launched the store on my website.  I will be continuing to add more inventory this week.  Over the weekend I got pretty far on my flooring project.  I have most of the new underlayment installed.

Home Addition & Renovation

These Windows were too Small

Welcome back to our home renovation/remodel/addition project.  In the Fall, we framed up the majority of the addition. We still need to add this porch

Home Addition & Renovation

Setting the Final Beams

Welcome back to the home renovation and remodel project. Today we’re going to get back into the structural elements of the remodel. Chris and Chris

Home Addition & Renovation

Finishing the Subfloor and Adding the Pantry

Happy Friday, everybody. Hopefully today we get something done, because this has not been a productive week. We got lots of things done, but nothing

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  1. Hey matt,
    The photo shoot of the desk was a good idea. You too/got some really nice pics .. I wood try and get her pics into a magazine like wood or something and write an article about it ya know? “Taking ot back to the roots”;) thats awsome u get to make ur own lunber ur right im one of those less fortunate woodworkers out there that dont get the opportunity to make our lumber and customize the size and shape of the boards. Very awsome !
    Keep the beautiful work and great videos coming bro. Also good luck wth your store im sure youll do great there too. Ill be stopping in to chk out whats what when I get pd though.anything b4 then is just a bunch of anticipation. And then I start feeling like a kidnin a candy shop until I have the things in my possession. .haha I guess we all have some kidnin us still.
    Once again for the last time : (
    Beautiful desk ur a true craftsman and youve definitely been blessed with a set of skills to take a tree, and turn it into another work/form of art…and ur wife is awsome for supporting u in doing what u love for a living… your an awsome person too who I hope to meet one day..maybe a wwia one of these yrs.. take care matt and have a good one bro!:)

    1. Thanks Joe! When I get a chance I’m going to write something up and I’m going to try to put together a project overview video. I’m sure you’re going to have a fun time shopping! My wife is incredibly supportive. I love her. Hope we get to meet. That would be awesome!

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