Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – March 15, 2019

I have been plugging away at the handtool cabinet for the past couple weeks. I am just about done with the doors and I have my drawer fronts cut to their openings. Triton Tool also stopped by for a few days to record a few videos and I have a bunch of announcement things to share.

The Wall-Hanging Tool Cabinet Project

Triton Tools:

Crimson Guitars:

Makers Central:

Weekend with Wood:

Maker Minded Podcast:

Part 2 of April’s Bandsaw Mill Build

Viewer Projects

Desk by Dan

Attached are some pictures taken of a desk I made for my granddaughter Trinity.  32 mortise and tenons hand cut and 188 box joints. 4 coats of arm-r-seal thanks to your video on your high boy. Texas pecan wood and no nails or screws. Oak plywood for sides and back.

Sideboard by Jay

It is quarter sawn white oak with book matched oak burl veneer panels. Standard birch plywood wood case with loose tenon face frame and side panels. Finish is a base coat of watco dark walnut danish oil (no oil used on inside) to pop the grain followed by five coats of arm-r-seal.

Lamp by Fergus

It’s a little lamp I made last week using some cherry and beech rough sawn offcuts that my Dad had left over and gave to me to test my new thickness planer last year. They sat idle for the full year and eventually I decided that an abstract lamp might be a fun idea.

I did a rough photo log of the project and a write-up on my blog:

Football by Jared

Here’s a football I made for my cousin who’s hosted our Saturday after Thanksgiving for 30 years. It’s made from turned mahogany and maple

Home Addition & Renovation

Connecting the Basements

Welcome back to our home addition/remodel series.  One of the most popular questions that we have gotten throughout the build as we were installing the

Home Addition & Renovation

Removing the Staircase

Welcome back to our home addition/renovation project. In the past six weeks, we’ve put two additions on this house.  We’ve got this big one back

Woodworking Projects

Adding the Serpentine Profile to the Case

Welcome to my shop and welcome back to my series on building a serpentine chest of drawers. Last time we did all the dovetailed casework. 

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