Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – March 23, 2015

This week I finished construction on the upper case of the secretary.  I have some minor finish prep to do before applying the finish.  I also started working on the lower case again.  Only a few things to do there – mostly just finishing up the gallery drawers.  Over the weekend we had a sawmill day.  We milled around 1500 board feet of cherry, ash, and maple.  I also give an update on the red oak log that I’ve been slabbing in my backyard.

Matt's Weekly Shop Update - Mar 16 2015
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Mar 16 2015

Jim's Homemade Swing Blade Sawmill - Version 2
Jim’s Homemade Swing Blade Sawmill – Version 2
Matt's Weekly Shop Update

New Shop, Chair Kits, Workbench Kits

Chair Kits – Workbench Kits – Viewer Projects Kitchen Step Stool by Nick The top is made from a 5/4 cherry off-cut left

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