Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Mar 16 2015

In the shop this week I the 4 bowls I was working on finished turned except for the bottoms.  On the secretary, I installed the bonnet top, made the urns, and made one of the finials.  I appreciate all the feedback on the back board orientation. I’m also starting a little wood movement example that we can revisit through out the year.

Thank you to everyone for all your amazing support!!

Slowvannah Farms:


Matt's Weekly Shop Update - Mar 9 2015
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Mar 9 2015

How I Set Up My Hand Planes - Ask Matt #9
How I Set Up My Hand Planes – Ask Matt #9

Matt's Weekly Shop Update - July 15 2014
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – July 15 2014
Home Addition & Renovation

These Windows were too Small

Welcome back to our home renovation/remodel/addition project.  In the Fall, we framed up the majority of the addition. We still need to add this porch

Home Addition & Renovation

Setting the Final Beams

Welcome back to the home renovation and remodel project. Today we’re going to get back into the structural elements of the remodel. Chris and Chris

Home Addition & Renovation

Finishing the Subfloor and Adding the Pantry

Happy Friday, everybody. Hopefully today we get something done, because this has not been a productive week. We got lots of things done, but nothing

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  1. Ahhh! Amen to keeping family off Faokcobe. My parents are prone to leaving giant, emotional love letters to all of us kids… plastered on walls and pages. It's sweet. Really, it is. But could you mail it to me next time?

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