Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – June 15, 2015

It feels like another productive week.  Over the weekend, Lindsay and I started working on making the flooring for the family room.  We got all the boards rough ripped and planed to final thickness.  I spent some time on the changing table and got most of the case joinery complete.  I attached the top to the sides with half blind dovetails, the shelves are joined to the sides with a modified dado, the drawer divider and lower rail are dovetailed into the sides.  I also finished assembly of the X-Carve and finally poured the rain cap for the patio fireplace.

Home Addition & Renovation

Upper Cabinets and Range Hood Surround

Welcome back to our home renovation.  Today I am going to be working on this wall. It needs some upper cabinets and the surround for

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  1. hey matt, so glad everything is coming together, but don’t forget babies sometimes come early , so dont drag your feet on the baby furniture…LOL..i know your not, your one hard working guy, i know you will use the bob cat to get that chunk of concrete up there…i would like to skype with you again when you have some time, let me know when is good…, i really am excited to see the changing table finished, what type of finish are you going to put on that one, my opinion is something that will bring the figure of the book matched out…have a great week…

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