Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – July 26, 2016

Lots of progress on the farmhouse table this week.  All that is left on the table construction is to add the braces to the base.

Ask Matt Live #6;  July 30, 2016 @ 12:00 Central:


Epifanes Matte:


Viewer Projects

Coffee Table by RJ

This tree in my back yard was ordered to be cut down by the city.  I milled it with a chainsaw mill.  One project was a 40 x 50 coffee table.  The center legs are joined with a through mortise and tenon.  The side legs are joined with half lap joints.  The lumber from the tree is ambrosia maple.  It was the carpenter ants that caused the tree to be condemned that made the lumber interesting.  I also made a chest of drawers, and plan to make a dining room set.

Crib by Tylor

Here is a crib and changing table/dresser I just made for the baby.  These were my first furniture build attempts I started right after Christmas.  The crib was made from recovered barn wood, and 2×4’s for the vertical slats.  Designed using fusion 360, stained with dark walnut danish oil and polyurethane.  Design was done with my 2’x4′ cnc.  Dresser/changing table was more 2×4 for the frame, and Maple wormwood for the tops and drawer faces and sides.  Used amber shellac.

Sapele Crib by Daryl

Walnut and Curly Maple Box with Splined Miters by Nathan

I wanted to share a project I just completed. It’s made from Peruvian Walnut with Curly Maple for the splines and lid panel.


Greene and Greene Inspired Curly Maple Bookcase by Jake

I’ve spent the last few months in my woodworking class at school building it, and I’m 17 years old. Also, there is a total of 54 walnut plugs on the case.


Arboretum Update 2023

Today I’m going to do an update on the arboretum. If you haven’t heard about this before, this is my passion project. I have a

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