Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – July 11, 2018

Starting on the next woodworking project: a sideboard made from walnut that I cut with my chainsaw mill a few years ago. Between the rain I’ve been working on the components that will complete the lift linking mechanism on the sawmill. I’ve also been experimenting with casting with slow setting epoxy.

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Viewer Projects

Playing Cards Box by Stefan

I made a box for storing playing cards. Such a box is a bit of a traditional thing in my area. Nearly every family which is playing this special card game owns such a box. Normally the box is made out of conifer wood and is crested with nice carvings. I tried to came up with a simple and easy  but elegant design. I made a outer shell out of oak, the inner chamber is made out of tropical hardwood. I´m not sure what sort of wood it really is. The box can be opened by a sliding top part, that’s also the way traditional designs of these boxes can be opened.

Wall Cabinet by Bryson

I built this wall cabinet for one of my teachers at school as a graduation present, since I am graduating this year (finally). I made it from walnut and oak and finished it with danish oil and wax. This is the second kumiko panel I’ve made, and there’s definitely room for improvement, but overall it turned out great.

Entry Table by Charles

I finally got around to making my first piece of furniture – an hairpin leg entry table made from an old beam that we replaced in our basement. I hand planed it flat and smooth since I don’t own a planer, and finished by burning the wood, sanding smooth and gave it a coat of danish oil.

Coffee Table by Are

I just finished this Coffee-table in European Oak, with walnut wedges. This is my first coffee-table build, and also my first time turning legs for a table. I went for a Scandinavian style, but it´s definitely also inspired by Japanese carpentry!

Home Addition & Renovation

Connecting the Basements

Welcome back to our home addition/remodel series.  One of the most popular questions that we have gotten throughout the build as we were installing the

Home Addition & Renovation

Removing the Staircase

Welcome back to our home addition/renovation project. In the past six weeks, we’ve put two additions on this house.  We’ve got this big one back

Woodworking Projects

Adding the Serpentine Profile to the Case

Welcome to my shop and welcome back to my series on building a serpentine chest of drawers. Last time we did all the dovetailed casework. 

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