Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – January 29, 2019

This week I continued working on the new handtool cabinet by installing the dividers which make up the drawer area. I also finished up my batch of adjustable bases for stacking lumber and did a little clean up on some of the endmills that came with the Bridgeport.

The Wall-Hanging Tool Cabinet Project

T shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and plans:

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Viewer Projects

Crib by Don

I made this three way crib, toddler bed, twin bed for my niece Eden, my younger brother’s first child.  It’s made with red Oak.  I started with the plans from wood magazine but deviated slightly because I didn’t wanna use plywood.  The inlays are various exotics.  The ones I remember are Yellowheart, Purple Heart, Bubinga, kingwood, pink ivory and Canarywood.

Adirondack Chairs by Glenn

Here’s my latest work, Adirondack chairs, this is my own design borrowed from other designs I found for free on the web and watching videos.  I modified the seat and overall size to be higher, deeper and wider, this makes it easier to get in and out of the chair.  These chairs are made from cumaru, I found these deck boards at my orange box store listed as Tropical Hardwood Decking Board 5/4 x 6” x 8’ @ $35 a board. I used 5 boards per chair at a weight of 25 lbs a board these chairs weigh a lot, at least 125 lbs each. I used brass carriage bolt and stainless #10 screws. I also made templates as I was deigning/building them so I could make more if I wanted to.  The finish is Rust-Oleum Spar Varnish cut 50 50 with naptha and wiped on 3 coats.

Tulip Poplar Dustpan

I decided to make a dustpan for the shop and it turned out so nice I don’t want to get it dirty. It was inspired by the sunset serving tray video by Michael Alm.

Waterfall Tables by Brian

Both tables came from a single walnut slab I picked up from Keim Lumber in Charm, OH. Purpleheart was used for the bow-ties. I used 5 coats of Arm-R-Seal finish…. West Systems clear epoxy filler for the voids and bark inclusions… I cut the 45 degree miter with a friend’s Festool track saw and used 4 dominos in each joint with Tite-bond II glue. The legs came from Symmetry Hardware in Portland Oregon. And most importantly… the waterfall “know-how” and my confidence to attempt it, came from your guild video

Home Addition & Renovation

Cabinetry and open seating

Welcome back to our home renovation and remodel.  Today, I am hoping to have the island cabinetry built out, as well as getting the leg

Home Addition & Renovation

White Oak Kitchen Island Leg

Welcome back to the shop! I’m continuing on with the white oak island build. Last time I made the end panels for the cabinetry unit,

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