Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Jan 2, 2018

Between holidays and illness, not much shop time last week. The time I did have was used to turn and mount the urns on the upper case of the highboy and I also turned and installed the drop finials onto the lower case.

Urns and Flame Finials:



Belt Grinder:

Viewer Projects

End Tables by Tim

these end tables are made from 70 yr Honduran Mahogany that I dumpster dived and include 34 total pieces of inlay.

Box by Bryson

I built this box from walnut and an oak pallet board using only hand tools for the entire thing. I’m 17 and this was my first attempt at inlay, inlay dovetails, and only using hand tools. It is finished with Danish oil and Beeswax.

Strip Canoe by Andy

This project was my first woodworking project that was completed over a few years of off and on enjoyment.  The strips were milled from a 18’ long piece of spanish cedar with the accent strips being poplar.  The gunwales are ash.

Mid Century Modern Coffee Table by Chris

I recently made a mid century modern style table (My first attempt at this style). I fiimed the process however I think it’s a bit unique because I carved a picture into the top of the stainless steel top with an angle grinder.

The belt grinder I’ll be building

Home Addition & Renovation

Building and Installing the Fridge Surround

Welcome back to our home renovation. This time, I’m going to make the fridge surround, set it in place, and then get the appliance garage

Home Addition & Renovation

Floor to Ceiling Appliance Garage Cabinet

Welcome back to the kitchen cabinetry building part of the renovation.  This time I’m going to be working on this giant cabinet here, which is


Drying and Shipping Slabs I Sold

Today I’m going to take you along with me as I put together a slab order, get it dried, and get it shipped out.  I

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