Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Feb 5, 2018

Highboy is mostly moved inside and although not all the drawers are complete, I’m finally able to see how it will look when complete. In the shop, the waterfall table slabs are ready to be flattened and I answer some questions regarding the new metal cutting bandsaw.

The new metal bandsaw

Viewer Projects

Birch Coffee Table by Andrew

I intended to use the wood to make my parents a Christmas gift for their cabin in northern Minnesota. I was attracted to the birch because the forest around  their cabin has a lot of large birch trees and i have never worked with it before. I cut the top in a way to mimic a book match but this all came from one piece. I decided to leave the live edge on the wood but removed the bark. I made the base out of another piece of birch. I wanted the whole table to be very light and open looking so i went with minimal sized legs and a small lower shelf. I used the domino for all the joinery on the base and connected the top to the legs with figure 8 fasteners. The finish i used was a wiping poly to 4 coats. Start to finish the project spanned 4 days.

Gaudi’s Throne for Ginger by Paul

I had a piece of curly Cherry left over from a failed attempt at a houndstooth dovetail waterfall table (wood cupped between cutting and fitting) which was well sized for a chair.
It took a month of evenings and weekends.

C Table by Dan

Here is a project I just completed.  It’s a C table made of air dried hickory and walnut from a local sawer.  This was my first mortise & tenon and first mitered “waterfall” grain table.  Finished with 3 coats of Tried & True varnish oil and 3 coats of Tried & True original.

 Torii Arch Tables by Brian

They are made from Sapele and finished with wipe-on polyurethane.
Home Addition & Renovation

Building and Installing the Fridge Surround

Welcome back to our home renovation. This time, I’m going to make the fridge surround, set it in place, and then get the appliance garage

Home Addition & Renovation

Floor to Ceiling Appliance Garage Cabinet

Welcome back to the kitchen cabinetry building part of the renovation.  This time I’m going to be working on this giant cabinet here, which is

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