Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Feb 28 2019

Last week I was at WORKBENCHcon which was an amazing experience. Back in the shop I finished cleaning the head of the Bridgeport and made a good amount of progress on the handtool cabinet.

SoCal Woodshop:

The Wall-Hanging Tool Cabinet Project

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Viewer Projects

Police Gear Valet Stand by Josh

I recently completed my take on the Police Gear Valet Stand.  The goal was for my version to look similar to traditional gentleman’s valet stand.
I made it out of cherry and walnut that I milled up myself from rough cut stock.  The lumber is from my family’s farm in Virginia.  A tornado had came through about 7 years ago and blew over alot of the timber on their property.  Not so good for my Mom at the time, but we have made great use of the wood so far.
The stand is meant to hold a bullet proof vest on the right and a duty belt on the left, facing the stand.  It has a locking drawer with a tray on top to hold misc stuff like keys, service radio, etc.  The project is being donated to a silent auction to help support my local police department.

US Flag by Brad

This flag was built of of 4”x4” pallet oak I salvage. Had to mill everything down and then did a slight burn to make the stripes different. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone burn oak lol so I figured, why not, right? I think it came out pretty cool. Almost looks stain but was finished with only some spray lacquer.

Coffee Table by Jordan

It’s all walnut and spalted sycamore. Made with mortise and tenon joints and my first proper dovetails on a project.

Blanket Chest by Robert

It’s made out of walnut with a cedar bottom and was my first project using hand cut dovetails and draw bored bread board ends. I finished it with 5 coats of Arm-R-Seal

Home Addition & Renovation

Pouring and Waterproofing the Basement Walls

Welcome back to our home addition/remodel project! Today is Monday, October 25th, and it is the start of week three of this project.  Last time,

Home Addition & Renovation

Setting the Basement Wall Forms (ICF)

Welcome to my backyard, and welcome back to the home addition/remodel project! Last time, we worked on getting the footings in, and the concrete in

Home Addition & Renovation

Forming and Pouring Footings

Welcome to my backyard and to our home addition project! Last time we did a rough excavation, and today we’re going to get started on

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  1. Hey Matt….enjoyed the video regarding the serving boards. One question…the products you used on the boards, are the food safe? I assume they are but would like your input. Thanks!

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