Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Feb 21, 2017

Over the past week I was able to get all the lumber I’ve milled stacked and drying.  I made some leveling bases for the lumber stacks and I was able to get started on JR’s bed.

Donavan’s Channel:

Congratulations to the winners of the giveaway!

Router – James L

Smoothing Planes – Ben G & Ozzy D

Brass Mallet – Dawn V

Hybrid Woodworking – Jean-Piere K

Guild Project – Jesus S

Hand Tool School Semester – Don B

T Shirts – Eric R, Jeremy B, Chung-Mau C, Nate H

Viewer Projects

Twisted Tool Chest Handles by Austin

Book Ends by Peter

A set of matching Bookends.
Today (7 Jan) is the Russian Christmas and these are my wife’s Larisa’s  Christmas Gift.
They are made from Spalted wood that I got from a Pallet.
Hand made and finished with Shellac.

Keepsake Box by Hendri

It is an Oak and Kiaat baby keepsake box for a young Muslim lady who recently had her first child.

Shadow Box by Dane

Built for a friend who’s father had served in WWII.  He had found his father’s discharge papers which showed all the medals he had won. He purchased the medals and asked if I would make the shadow box so he could give it to his brother for Christmas.
Made from Cherry
15″ L x 5″ D x 5″ T
Hand cut dovetails
Sequential grain between sides and bottom
Laser engraved Army insignia, details about his father, & names of medals
Shellac and paste wax finish.
Being a veteran, this build was extremely important to me. I drew up several iterations for the design in Sketchup before settling on this one.  Originally this design called for box joints but I felt it deserved the attention that dovetails call for.  Although my dovetails still need work, I was very happy with how this build turned out and so was my friend.

Submit your viewer project: Email me pictures and a description of your project and I’ll feature your project on the show.


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