Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Feb 15, 2016

The sofa table is all done so let’s check it out!

The Completed Sofa Table

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Sofa Table Project: Purchase the Early Bird Bundle to get the sofa table and 2 other upcoming projects for 50% off:

Viewer Projects

Coffee Table by Guillaume
Bar Stool by Jack

“It was the first time I tried a few things such as using the biscuit cutter along with angled mortise and Tenon joints. I made it out of two long pieces of Ash I found lying around in my Granddads work shop and I decided I would make this stool. In the video you can see me cutting the wood to size, making the top, adding patterns using the router, mortise and Tenon joints as well as various other jobs.”

YouTube Video:

Sofa Table by Chuck

“Hi Matt;

You inspired me to make this table out of walnut and maple.

Birdseye Maple drawer and sides with a Walnut Hard Maple top.  Wipe on Poly for 6 coats.

I tapered the walnut legs slightly.  Thanks for all your videos!!!  I can’t do dovetails yet, so I did box joints on the drawer!”

Facebook Page:

Double Rocker by Zach

“Built this double seated Maloof rocking chair this summer.  Was built for an individual in New Orleans as a gift for his mother.  Chair is built from sinker mahogany.  This mahogany was cut in the 1800s in Belize and while floating on the river to the mill it sank and was buried in the mud.  Several years ago some divers found the logs and dredged them up.  The grain patterns are similar to genuine mahogany but the color is much richer and darker.”




Ask Matt Live #4: Feb 20, 2016 12:00pm Central

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