Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Dec 6, 2016

This week I made a bunch of progress on the bandsaw mill.  I was able to get most of the blade guarding complete and I was also able to get most of the log handling installed.

Viewer Projects

Walnut Desk with Live Edge by Ross

Homemade Oak Flooring by Andy

I had emailed with you a little over a year ago about how you did your flooring and it inspired me to do my own. I started with a single 120sq ft room and it went great. It did take some time to mill that many boards from 4/4 other 5/4 to 11/16 (due to some warped boards) but it was fun and I am really excited about the outcome. Here are a few pictures of the result.
It is mostly red oak with a few white oak tossed in. Boards are 6 to 9 inches wide and about half of them run the full 11 foot width of the room. I stained them with a cherry stain and finished with 2 coats of a water based polyurethane.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table by Pete

I recently had an opportunity to salvage some lumber from a house that had been built here in St. Louis in 1882 (which means the wood is…potentially upwards of 200 years old?!). The roof had collapsed into the basement, taking most of the internal structure with it, so the owner had the house demo’d. Before the demo guy got started – like, by literally 2 hours – I grabbed everything I could get to (mostly 2x8s) that wasn’t entirely rotten or super dangerous to try and reclaim. I got just enough to build a 6’x3′, 36″ tall dining table. It’s nothing fancy, but anybody that’s ever dealt with reclaimed wood can vouch for the challenge of getting things square(ish), flat(ish), good mortise/tenon fits, etc. without removing the wood’s character.

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Making the Logo Sign:

Making the Drive Shaft:

Chair Kits

Chair Kit Style 6 Assembly Instructions

Order Chair Kits here: What You’ll Need Sander with 120, 180, and 220 grit Sandpaper Router 5/16″ or greater roundover bit (for the front of

Post Frame Barn Build

So Many Purlins

Welcome back to the build!  Last time we got all the trusses flown in, and this time, I’m going to go to purlin purgatory. I’m

Post Frame Barn Build

Setting the Trusses

Welcome back to the build!  Yesterday we got those two trusses up there, and today we’re to continue on with making a building. We have

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