Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – April 11, 2018

Biggest thing this week was the progress on the resin waterfall river table.  I had a successfully uneventful resin pour.  Once it was cured, I cut and joined the waterfall joint just like the second table.  Speaking of the second table, I made the glass pattern for that one and dropped it off at the glass cutter.

Viewer Projects

Beetle Kill Crib and Changing Table by Eric

Here are some pics of the crib and changing table and I hope it’s worthy of a mention. The wood was purchased from a mill named Mountain Heart Woodworks in Elizabeth CO. The trees were harvested in Colorado. This is my first attempt at mortise and tenon joinery. The front and back runners are glued into the legs but the side panels are bolted so I can store and transport it easier. The t+g paneling is mounted in a routed channel in the runners (I’m not sure if you would call that mortise and tenon).  The t+g is floating to accommodate expansion and contraction. I drilled and tapped holes through the short side tenon’s and attached them with stainless button head bolts.  I inlayed metal spacers to help with wear on the bolt holes so that the joints stay tight. I used ca glue to strengthen the threads. I final sanded to 320 and then used Tung oil to seal it. I used steel wool between coats and got a really nice smooth finish. The changing table is mortise and tenon and glued with epoxy.  The shelves are attached with screws using blocks to attach it to the runners. This will hopefully help with expansion and contraction. It was also finished in Tung oil.   Overall I am pleased with the end result and learned a lot. Beetle kill is a challenge, it likes to move a lot and is fairly soft.

Picture Frame by Tomy

I made a picture frame for a crew picture I got after I left a workplace I worked at for 11 years. A piece of memorabilia that now hangs in my shop.  includes Greene and Greene and Shou sugi ban

Mallets by Alston

i made these from a redgum bowl blank, handles are redgum & mango wood.

Dining Table by Gregoire

For a long time we had a four person Ikea table even if we happen to be 5 ( my youngest one is 3 years old). So it was time for an upgrade 🙂
I made it out of walnut bought from a local sawmill that happen to have a donkey and sheeps. I hope to cut my own slab one day like you. But first thing first I need to keep on training.
I am working out of my shed in my backyard. Unfortunately it is too small to own power tools, so I decided to go hand tools only.

Home Addition & Renovation

Upper Cabinets and Range Hood Surround

Welcome back to our home renovation.  Today I am going to be working on this wall. It needs some upper cabinets and the surround for

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