Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – April 11, 2016

Got a great start on the trim installation and some new tools in the shop.

Sherwood Woodcraft:

New Tools

Round Bottom Spoke Shave:,50230

Dema’s Tools and Mallets:

BearKat Wood:

Video on making the saw:

Viewer Projects

Trestle Table by Dustin

I recently finished this walnut trestle table for a client and thought you might like it.

The base is made from laminated 4/4 walnut to make the legs 6/4 after final milling
The walnut was sourced locally here in Illinois
This is my original design ( I think )
The vertical part of the leg was meant to have one big dado, not two. I liked the two small grooves and kept it that way
This was my first commission build.
The top is 3/4 walnut dominoed together
I built this table in my attic, which is my workshop!
Dimensions of the top are 36” x 48”
This is the first time I’ve ever used the domino, made a tenon, made a through mortise, made tapered cuts on a T.S, made a tapered mortise and wedge

Phone Charging Lamp by Drew

A lamp I made and in the back of the lamp is a USB plug in to charge your phone and other smart devices. I made it with half inch plywood and poplar with pocket holes and miter joints. 

YouTube Link:

Wooden Beer Mugs by Damjan

Hi, my name is Damjan (age 15) and i live in Canada. I don’t have a wood working shop of my own, but I’m taking the class in high school right now. The project I made are some wooden beer mugs. On the bottom of the mug there is a bottle opener.

Scriptylia by Matt

I’m a student in the UK studying at Rycotewood Furniture Centre where I recently completed this chair. It’s made from Ash with leather upholstery and was shaped entirely by hand. No Arbortech, Angle Grinder, Belt Sander or anything! Just a Japanese saw rasp, a cabinetmakers rasp and a rat tail file.

It took me about 4 days to round it off and 4 days to sand it ready for lacquering and it’s safe to say my arms, knuckles and fingers have never been so sore in my life! But I think the result is totally worth it.

Starrett Combo Squares

Video Woodworkers Silent Auction

We are auctioning off a few signed pieces of memorabilia.  There are signed handsaws as well as a signed headshot poster.  Proceeds from these items go towards paying for the booth costs.

Chair Kits

Chair Kit Style 6 Assembly Instructions

Order Chair Kits here: What You’ll Need Sander with 120, 180, and 220 grit Sandpaper Router 5/16″ or greater roundover bit (for the front of

Post Frame Barn Build

So Many Purlins

Welcome back to the build!  Last time we got all the trusses flown in, and this time, I’m going to go to purlin purgatory. I’m

Post Frame Barn Build

Setting the Trusses

Welcome back to the build!  Yesterday we got those two trusses up there, and today we’re to continue on with making a building. We have

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